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Posted June 17, 2023 by Nfkjasfas

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Players looking to run a melee fighter or tank with more going on than muscle and steel should look to the Druid's shapeshifting opportunities. In Diablo 2 it generally behooved Druids to stick with one of the two forms, werewolf or werebear, and dedicate themselves to the task.

But depending on where Blizzard goes with Diablo 4's next melee class, a rare opportunity might be available for Druid to bounce between the sturdier bear-form and the lithe, damage-dishing wolfman. The footage available so far shows both classes making a return to the ARPG, but relatively little is known about their abilities so far.

And this assumes that Blizzard won't add new forms into the mix. An evasive flying form, or, borrowing a page from World of Warcraft, a caster or ranged-focused shifting form, could make for some very interesting combos. Rewarding players who frequently switch between the Druid's forms would add a fun new dynamic to the class's kit, and help differentiate it from the other classes that have been announced.

The lycanthropic skills in the Druid's arsenal also contain one of the most devastating DOTs in Diablo 2: Rabies. This poisonous attack not only deals constant, poison-like damage to foes—it spreads from enemy to enemy, diminishing the health of entire legions of demons simultaneously.

But in order for that build to really sing, another aspect of the Druid's kit must be incorporated into the mix: the Poison Creeper vine from the Druid's summoning tree. When those two skills synergize, it is one of the most devastating builds in Diablo 2, and the only build in Diablo 3 that offers something similar is the Necromancer's pestilence build.

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