Best Neck Pain Treatment Doctors in Pune

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Are you looking for Best Neck Pain Treatment Doctors in Pune? Sharad hospital is a famous hospital in Pune, India. Contact us for Best Neck Pain Treatment in pune
Sharad Orthopedic Hospital is a cornerstone of Orthopedic Care. Dr. Dhananjay S. Mulay (M.B.B.S., M.S. Ortho) is one of the best Orthopedic Surgeon in Pune, who is practicing as a consultant Orthopedic Surgeon in his owned Sharad Orthopedic and Accident Hospital since 23 years ago, to provide highly specialized services in all areas of Orthopedic Care, Surgeries & Joint Replacement.
Sharad Hospital is built in an area since 1999, and now built a new well equipped sophisticate building since last 9 years covering 2 floors. It is only one hospital on Sinhagad Road which is state of the art Hospital and with latest facilities and services.
Best Arthroscopy Surgeons in Pune
It is also known as keyhole surgery of joint. It is a minimally invasive procedure where joint can be examined, and injury and ailment of joint can be treated with the help of Arthroscope. Arthroscope is a telescope, usually of 4 mm diameter, passed inside the joint through a small hole into the skin.
total hip replacement hospital in pune
Total Hip Replacement is well established treatment method to relieve pain from affected hip. It also significantly improves quality of life and mobility of patient.
Total knee replacement hospital in pune
With increase in life expectancy, a greater number of senior citizens demand a better quality of life. A painful knee can seriously hamper a person’s capacity to walk freely and make him dependent not only on drugs to relieve pain but also on others for mobility.
Best Neck Pain Treatment Doctors in Pune
Neck pain is very common complaint of patients visiting orthopedic clinics. People doing work with improper posture (e.g., leaning in front of computer) or carrying weight overhead (e.g., Farmer, construction worker) develops neck pain frequently
best hospital for back pain in pune
Back pain is commonest symptom for which people go to the orthopedic clinic. Most people usually had back pain at least once in lifetime. It is usually predisposed by lifting weights, working in one posture, travelling, jerks and lifting heavy weights.
Best Doctors for Arthritis Treatment in Pune
Arthritis is a common disorder that affects your joints. It can cause pain and inflammation, making it difficult to move or stay active. There are many types of arthritis. Each form causes different symptoms and may need different treatments. While arthritis usually affects older adults, it can develop in men, women and children of any age.
Accident Trauma Hospital in Pune
Best Emergency Care Hospital in Pune
In a hospital, the Emergency Department always has its doors open to treat people who come in without prior appointments. This includes individuals who have been involved in vehicular accidents. Nobody knows when they are going to get into an accident, and we are fortunate that we can rely on the doctors and nurses in the Emergency Department.
Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in Pune
Low back pain is one of the most common reasons people see a health care provider. Find out what can cause back pain and whether surgery might help.
Back surgery can help ease some causes of back pain, but it’s rarely necessary. Most back pain gets better on its own within three months.
Digital X-Ray Services in pune
An X-ray is a common imaging test that has been in practice since decades. X-rays provide doctors with an inside view of the body, without necessitating an incision. These images prove instrumental in diagnosing, monitoring and treating many medical conditions.
plastic surgery hospital in pune
Just because the name includes the word “plastic” doesn’t mean patients who have this surgery end up with a face full of fake stuff. The name isn’t taken from the synthetic substance but from the Greek word plastikos, which means to form or mold (and which gives the material plastic its name as well).
best orthopedic hospital in pune
Orthopedics, also known as orthopedic surgery, is a branch of medicine that focuses on the care of the skeletal system and its interconnecting parts. These parts include the following:
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