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High-quality grease trap systems in New York will help you to prevent pipe system blockages. New York grease trap systems especially designed for businesses.
such as large-volume restaurants because, large amount of waste material going through your sewer systems.

Do you really think grease trap systems required?

In order to prevent blockages from the sewer line just because of accumulated grease and fryer oils discharged from food facilities, so wastewater treatment companies require the installation of grease traps or interceptors to avoid blockages. It’s important because majority of restaurants serving any type of oily food or baked goodies that needs a grease trap.

Where is grease traps required?

New York grease trap systems installed behind the restaurants, grease trap systems tend to be installed directly in the kitchen or plumbing closets. It's important that grease trap systems are properly spaced for maintenance and for their fixtures which are installed and clear of obstructions. Even, you can think for interceptor to avoid blockages.

Difference between grease trap system and grease interceptor

Difference is only the flow rate of waste water that devices can handle where; grease traps have a flow rate of less than 50 gallons per minute while, grease interceptors have a flow rate of more than 50 gallons per minute.
How does New York grease trap systems work?

Grease trap system works by slowing down the flow of hot greasy water and allowing it to cool. Once water cools, the grease and oil in the water separate out and float to the top of the trap then, cooler water - minus the grease - continues to flow down the pipe to the sewer.

Septic tank system in New York, also known as an onsite wastewater treatment plant is made with house sewer drain, septic tank, and distribution box and soil absorption (leach) field. Where, house sewer drain collects complete discharge from home fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, showers and laundry which connect to the septic tank.

Why choose septic tank system in New York?

• Eco Friendly
• No Subcontracting
• Senior Discounts
• Licensed and Insured
• Lowest Possible Price
• Quick Response Time
• Family Owned & Operated
• 24 Hour Emergency Service

Treatment of septic tank system in New York:

• Septic Tank Treatment – Powders
• Septic Tank Treatment – Liquids
• Septic Tank Treatment – Solids
• Septic Tank Equipment

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