OSRS currently has 0-cost deaths

Posted July 15, 2020 by MMOruki

It's a beautiful game. The majority of gamers' experience with MTX are the two Treasure Hunter keys. Anything else has to be seeked out from the player.
It's a beautiful game. The majority of gamers' experience with MTX are the two Treasure Hunter keys. Anything else has to be seeked out from the player. I am not a big fan of this aesthetics of RS3 in general, though I am not certain just how much the MTX could be blamed on that. Possessing daily spins is enough to turn me off from RuneScape to tell the truth, it makes it feel as a telephone game. I have a maxed accounts on rs3 and Jagex did a fantastic job at polishing combat. The biggest hurdles are the tick system making 4taa a casual meta and you will find a lot of issues with lifeless clicks that the playerbase always brings up but Jagex doesn't fix. If the devs were as communicative as the osrs devs, the rs3 playerbase are a good deal more satisfied.

I've had half of my keyboard, and enough with change scape. Seriously you gotta utilize ring of vigour if you use an alt, switch to asylum then switch to lotd when you completing the kill (you have 10 fingers). Switch to g staff to spec. Switch to a different dps armour style at solak and much more. It has rather annoying boss mechanics on all the new bosses, since they are all instant kills or 2 instant kills. Worst part is you can't even teleport out of the newer bosses, even once you understand your gont die. So you just got to sit there and die and pay the ridiculous gravestone fees. Idk, nearly all of my bossing has been super fun.

EOC system is fine in RS3 and enjoyable to use. What was lost in the years as is the quirkiness of RuneScape which makes it distinctive as a MMORPG (even osrs does not really capture the quirks and nuances of this"best" version of RuneScape within my own eyes ). Certain developments removed idiosyncrasies and substituted them with bland content. For example: the release of Divination as a new"skill". Where's the magic, the suspense, the activity in divination that almost every other gathering skill has?

Reading what you are saying about divination, I think you might like archeology. It makes you really want to continue training and discover new things.

Why have aims to improve your equipment at all, much better to simply stop progressing. Absolutely fucking dumb justification for our ever-increasing death costs. And before you say"only use ring of death", that is a fantastic way to make any new potential ring slot obsolete. And no this is not saying we should have no death cost, like Five-O stated, it ought to just be restricted like the OSRS one will be. It is not an option if you don't only ring change constantly, in which case you are sitting in a 50/50 of needing to cover an insane uncapped death price. They can not release a new ring using a passive. Rod replaced asr for ALL uses when passing costs creeped their way into the 3-5m for typical single style setups. It's simply not realistic unless you're fuckin Couchy or some thing.

Common sense is tough apparently. It's the exact same mentality you employ to the wilderness and other dangerous areas. Also you are completely missing the context. OSRS currently has 0-cost deaths, outside of handful of locations that you cover 50-100k regardless of what you had on you when you died. Possessing a scaling cost is much more punishing, but it is the same method in RS3. You didn't see Day1 Solak teams attracting complete hybrid swaps and risking upwards to 10m. You watched most people focusing on a single fashion, using RoD, etc.. That's how learning is assumed to be. That is the exact cycle that the statement implies. Try learning instead of attempting to do top-efficiency kills.

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