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For this, you need go to the fishing platform and locate the man in his bedroom. Find out how he gained those powers during Kennith's Concerns He will then begin screaming and whining as the child he was. Make use of your Commorb on him, and Savant will discover him to be completely normal.

Return to Witchhaven, and scan yellow skinned people, and you will find that the slugs controlling the slugs aren't receiving instructions from the Mother Mallum which suggests that Kennith's Concerns were just a ruse to distract the Temple Knights so the Mother Mallum could be able to escape.

At the Temple Knight Base, Commander Callon will inform you about an upcoming ceremony to renew the treaty. Security is a major concern for the Temple Knights if the Slugs attempt to take control of important world leaders. However, that would be evident. Instead, you will be the host of the event, and in charge of watching guests for unusual behaviors.

The Temple Knights don't like big gatherings so you'll have to bring some things. It is possible to make exquisite wines glasses, sweetcorn dishes as well as six curries, and five caviars. Molten glass can be used to make wine glasses. You can prepare the Sweetcorn dish by making a batch of cream and milk. After that, you include cornflower, roasted sweetcorn and an egg to it. Then bake it in the oven. There are 3 ingredients. You can buy curries or create your own caviar.

Be attentive to all guests of the royal party. There will be King Vallance of Asgarnia looking ill. The slug will be the Black Knight Assasin entering the kitchen through the window. To find out if the fish is poisoned, examine it. Instead of throwing it away but instead, let Savant apply her magic to it. It will be served to King Vallance and he will go to sleep. Not dead, unconscious. King Vallance was paralyzed by the altered poison of the fish. Temple Knights have an excuse for taking him away to try and remove the slug.

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