How a duo of Mumbai escorts can be better than one

Posted September 21, 2017 by misspoojamumbai

Whenever I'm in Mumbai on business I always book one of the gorgeous Mumbai escorts from Mumbai Model.I usually alternate between a couple of my favourite blonde escorts as I've know I'll always get exceptional escort services from them.
Whenever I'm in Mumbai on business I always book one of the gorgeous Mumbai escorts from Mumbai Model.I usually alternate between a couple of my favourite blonde escorts as I've know I'll always get exceptional escort services from them. However, my last business trip was a last minute thing and so when I arrived in Mumbai, I found that both my usual girls were away on holiday. After my initial feeling of disappointment died down, I began to search through Mumbai Model's escort gallery looking for escorts who offered outcalls in Kensington, near to my hotel. I've always preferred that the girls come direct to me, so that they can leave me fully satisfied and satiated in my hotel bed, usually with a big smile on my face.

On this particular evening, I was feeling extremely horny and, after a very successful business meeting, full of energy. As I searched through the gallery, a flicker of an idea began to cross my mind. Rather than book one escort, why not book two? As the idea began to grow, so did the rate at which my heart was beating, not to mention the way my pants began to suddenly get a little uncomfortable. The thought of spending an evening in the company of not one, but two gorgeous Mumbai Model escorts was definitely getting me hard. Before I could lose my nerve I picked up the phone and made my booking, trembling with excitement the whole time.

While I was waiting, I quickly took a shower, hardly able to control the mounting evidence of my arousal. I slipped into the hotel robe, slowly stroking myself through the opening as I imagined the delights I had in store under the very capable hands of the duo escorts I'd booked. Despite my attempts to amuse myself, it seemed an eternity before I heard the knock on the door. I got up to answer, barely able to hide the protuberance under my robe. There before me stood two young escorts, smiling and giggling, their sexy eyes flashing as they took in my mode of dress and the obvious signs of my hardness.

I quickly got the business out of the way, handing them an envelope containing their payment. They stood close together, so similar in looks that they could almost be twins. The fantasy of being serviced by twins jumped into my mind, making the lump beneath my gown jerk upwards. This didn't miss the attention of both the girls and they giggled slightly. I loved their mixture of sauciness and playfulness and was keen to see just how naughty they could be, so I asked them if they minded taking off their clothes.

The girls were dressed in matching underwear; lacy topped balconette bras and tiny lacy thongs in the sheerest black lace you can imagine. I stood for a moment admiring the way the delicate fabric hugged their curves, the way it lay against their smooth, tanned skin and the way in which it highlighted yet hid the intimate delights that were yet to come. One of the girls asked if I'd like them to dance for me. I nodded, sitting down in the big armchair in the corner of the room.

Slowly the girls started to gyrate to silent music. I watched as their bodies moved in unison, twisting and turning to the inaudible chords of an unknown tune. They'd obviously done this many times before, their bodies undulating in tandem. Slowly they began to peel of their lingerie, revealing their taut young bodies in all their glory. My gaze was firmly fixed on the duo of lovelies as they reached out to each other, caressing each other's skin with that delicacy of touch that only females seem to have. I watched, mesmerised as they traced the outline of their breasts, their tiny pointed nipples, and let their fingers wander further down their bodies to their smooth mounds. The dance must have continued for five or ten minutes. I don't know the exact time. Time didn't matter as I watched the exotic movements of the two young blonde escorts in front of me. They seemed lost in their own world, exploring each other's bodies with a natural grace and genuine abandonment of all inhibitions.

One of the young escorts beckoned to me, suggesting that I joined them in their dance. I slipped off my robe and made my way across the room, catching their glances as they saw just how appreciative my body was of their show. They drew me in, enveloped me in the warmth of their femaleness, pressing their hot, tight bodies against mine. As I slipped into the rhythm of their movements, my body seemed to know exactly how to move against them. They shifted all their attention to me, their hands seeking out my body. I felt soft fingers play across my nipples, smooth palms down the muscles of my back, teasing fingers pulling at the hair on my chest, moist lips placing whisper soft kisses across my shoulders and up my neck.

I resisted the urge to pull one of the girls to me, to find her mouth and force my tongue into the hot, warm cavity. I wanted to see just how far they would go before they expected me to take back control. I'd never had an experience with two young girls like this before and I was amazed at their confidence, their level of control and the skill in which they teased and stimulated my body and my senses. I was finding it harder and harder to stay upright as they tweaked and stroked and teased and played with me. I couldn't work out which hand belonged to which girl, whose mouth was kissing the soft skin at the side of my groin. I simply shut my eyes and let them work their magic on me. Let them have complete control over this erotic dance with the silent music. Let them show me exactly how a duo of Mumbai escorts can be better than one.
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