Use Preserved Dry Flowers for Unique Arrangements

Posted August 17, 2023 by MikaelaMatthams

Everybody likes fresh flowers, full of color and fragrance, but sometimes if you want something different, preserved dry flowers are the alternative you are looking for.
In a lot of situations, using them is not practical. In those situations, dry flowers intervene, which have a unique appearance and are much more resistant than the classic ones. Just because they don't have the shine they used to, that doesn't mean they can't be framed beautifully to turn heads. If you are still wondering how to create a bouquet of wooden flowers, this article is for you.

A Bouquet of Wooden Flowers is Something Unique

Flower shops are full of flowers all year round. Multicolored roses, peonies, and tulips can be ordered any month of the year, regardless of weather conditions. That does not mean, however, that the flowers are fresh. Many of these flowers are brought from abroad under special conditions that use chemicals and fuels to preserve their freshness. The dried flowers, however, are picked during the periods of the year when they bloom naturally and are then carefully cared for until they are transformed into new decorative objects. And that is what makes so special a bouquet of wooden flowers.

Why Use Preserved Dry Flowers?

In spring, you can see how nature comes to life, how the leaves turn color, and the flowers slowly form. At some point, they explode in a shower of colors and textures. However, with the arrival of autumn, you can notice that the leaves shrink and lose their luster. When they dry, however, each plant transforms uniquely, so you'll never have two flowers or leaves that look the same. Thus, each arrangement made with preserved dry flowers is unique and has its own story.

In the autumn, the colors that were once vibrant turn into pastel shades, and the texture of the petals turns from a soft one into a rough material with different grooves and veins. Therefore, many classic flowers are unrecognizable after they dry, thus becoming an entirely new element in your arrangement. Preserved dry flowers are also an environmentally friendly choice that is welcome in spaces that lack natural light or are not constantly maintained, such as rental or vacation homes and offices. They are also perfect for events where the atypical decor is desired.

Beauty and Serenity for Events or Your Home

Dried flower arrangements are versatile and aesthetic, a unique and special element among the endless contemporary interior decoration market offers. Why? Because they look beautiful and are incredibly relaxing to make! Choosing dried flowers to create a bouquet of wooden flowers and establish the most suitable combinations is a creative and profoundly relaxing activity. For arrangement, you can use flowers grown by you in the garden. Do you need to improve at gardening? Don't worry: you have to get all ready dry materials and give free rein to your creativity by combining flowers, twigs, and leaves.

Practicing this delicate art will keep you more connected with nature and in harmony with the spaces in your home. Creating an arrangement of dried flowers to give life to even the most hidden corners will give you joy, relaxation, and satisfaction. The golden rule to get an elegant arrangement made with preserved dry flowers? Choose flowers in delicate, neutral shades. Or on the other hand, if you want to impress and achieve a surprising effect, opt for shades that evoke the colors of the room where the composition is to be placed.

What Dry Flowers Can You Use in Arrangements?

From the classic lavender to roses, peonies, and ranunculus, dried flowers offer a wide variety when making the perfect bouquet of wooden flowers. It's good to remember that certain flowers transform so much in the dry version that they become entirely new. An example of such a flower is the peony. Its petals fall off, and the dry head is the only remaining component. It thus loses its intense colors but acquires a fascinating shape and texture

Other flowers that are very popular in dried flower arrangements are cotton flowers, pampas, Echinops, and gurus. Various aromatic plants and herbs, such as wheat ears and palm leaves, are often used. Don't limit yourself to flowers! Who has not experienced the emotion of drying a rose petal between the pages of a book? Roses and hydrangeas are still the main protagonists of dried flower arrangements. However, more exotic and unusual plants have recently appeared in the most creative bouquet of wooden flowers. Some examples? Cotton flowers and eucalyptus.

Adding aromatic herbs in arrangements is also very fashionable; they keep their fragrance even when they are dry. You can also use citrus fruits and even artichokes if you feel like experimenting. Frame nature with paintings made with dried flowers! If you want something more creative, you can frame preserved dry flowers. They give a refined atmosphere to the rooms. Traditionally, these compositions are made by fixing flowers (but also individual leaves and petals) on a solid cardboard, rice paper, or textile base that will be placed in a frame.

Create All Sorts of Special Arrangements

Even if it is beautiful, a bouquet of wooden flowers is not the only gorgeous thing you can create with dried flowers. Have you ever considered decorating your bathroom by placing small glass jars filled with petals, twigs, flowers, or dried buds on a shelf? It is easy to do, but the effect is astonishing. Or try arranging a few branches of cotton flowers in a large transparent vase: it is a simple composition, but it looks elegant and enjoyable to make. Choosing the shapes and adjusting the twigs' lengths is extraordinarily relaxing and enjoyable.

Do the conifer garlands on the door immediately make you think of Christmas? Indeed, they instantly evoke a festive atmosphere. However, they present a trend in interior decorations that accompanies any time of the year. Ideas for a contemporary wreath? Add elements such as dried citrus, corncobs or berry flowers, fir cones, and branches, or make a garland of flowers and leaves in a gradient style. Integrating some preserved dry flower decorations into your home allows you to optimize your home with an exciting twist creatively.
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