Three Main Places One Will Find Piggyback Labels

Posted June 8, 2023 by MikaelaMatthams

Besides the very cute name, piggyback labels are a very useful tool for almost any industry.
That’s because they can be used for a wide variety of reasons and customized just like the client wants and needs them. And another great advantage to them is that they can be reused several times, thanks to the way they are made.

What Are Piggyback Labels?

Labels can be customized to look and say anything the user wants. They can be used to list ingredients, state expiry dates, give usage instructions, or even for marketing purposes. But although highly customizable, labels depend very much on the size of the product or packaging. So they have to find a way to fit a lot of information in a limited space. One option is to only put the very important information on it, and another is to use smaller fonts or abbreviations to save space. But what if that isn’t an option? Smaller fonts can’t be read as easily, and can lead to issue regarding proper signage. This is why people had to get creative and come up with a solution for this.

Enter the piggyback labels Although many may have seen them already, not everybody might know that they are named this way. They are the labels you can peel off and open just like a little booklet, revealing more information about the product or company. These are extremely widespread and can be found in many products, from regular supermarket frozen foods to industrial tools and solutions. That’s because these labels let the manufacturer give more information to their clients. They are also eye-catcher and can make any product stand out in a shop.

Piggyback labels usually work by having several layers to them. While regular labels might just have one side with the text and the other with the adhesive, these labels have at least one more layer to them. This way, they can be added to existing products or even moved to others without damaging the existing label. That is why they are so versatile and widely used by many industries and retailers.

Three Main Places One Will Find Piggyback Labels

Piggyback labels can be used in a variety of places. One very commonplace that one will find these labels is on the back of various products detailing the ingredients used to make them. Some goods, like canned food or cosmetics, have a lot of things in them that need to be listed, and that’s because the manufacturer is obligated by law to do so. In order to not fill up the whole package with boring text, some manufacturers use these labels in order to print part of the ingredients and stick them onto their products. This is a very efficient way of doing things, especially if your product needs to be on the self and you do not have time to redesign the packaging.

You will find these labels anywhere there is a competition or contest involving codes or buying certain items. Many stores and brands often run various promotions and contests. But for them to be successful, they need to be able to make the rules and prizes known to their clients. Nowadays, the easiest way to do so is to list them online and ask clients to check them on their phones or computers. But to ensure that everybody knows what is happening, these labels can be used on products to list these rules and prizes.

Also, these labels can be used for special offers or tips for those buying the products. For example, many companies in the food and beverage industry may have certain products that should be served in a certain way. In order to make this known to their clients, they can use this type of labeling to give clients suggestions and other valuable information like recipes.

Can They Be Used for Anything Else?

Many companies from various industries also use them to market their products. When a brand comes out with a new product, the need to get clients interested in it. This can be done in various ways, including using these labels as well. Some choose to print up a story of the product, while others may choose to show the links between their product and other significant events or people. In any case, these labels can be used to even tell stories and attract new clients.

How to Know If You Need Piggyback Labels?

Although such labels may look cool, they might not be right for you or your product at the moment. Or, you could be looking for an idea about how to make your product stand out; these labels might be the best thing you can use for that. Luckily, there are certain ways to tell if you should use them. One such way is to simply start by listing all the ingredients and important information you have on the packaging and see how much space it takes up. If the text cannot be printed so as to not affect the overall design of the packaging but still be readable, you should consider using these labels.

Also, another way to tell if these labels are right for you is by figuring out if you can invest in them before you actually commit to them. Although these labels are widely used, printing them can be an extra cost that the manufacturer isn’t ready for. Not to mention that, once printed, these labels have to be actually put on the products. So make sure that you do a very careful cost-to-benefit analysis before deciding if these labels are for you.

So Can These Labels Be Customized as Well?

Of course, they can. They can be of a different shape, have more vibrant colors, bigger text, and even some new artwork. The object of using these labels isn’t just to inform the clients; they are also used to impress them and add value to the product itself.
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