Yes im in precisely the same boat as you I loved psobb

Posted June 24, 2020 by Megaomgchen

Yes im in precisely the same boat as you I loved psobb
Yes im in precisely the same boat as you I loved psobb when it was on Sega servers and that I continued to play on schthacks then. Pso2 is the next step following psu(which I did not perform ) and while staying true to the feel of a pso game. The only thing I miss as this point in pso2 is the rare drops you really want are rng and not an absolute drop just like in bb. Theyre way different. I lost interest with PSO2 160 hours. Which is weird because there is alot more maps and content, but it doesnt feel warm and as living as two and PSO1 and BB did. While theres alot more options to make things and teams appear to collaborate all that much or perform. A mission is just jumped in by people and run through it.

The economy is shattered, a couple knew what things sell and to hoard back afterwards or of individuals abused glitches. And trading and Mag farming arent a thing that was one of my favourite aspects of this PS games. Nobody runs into an area and drops rares for fresh Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers also takes them their very first time like back in the day. I wish we can get a PsOBB overhaul or upgrade and re peeled and just make it look nicer, keep Phantasy Star Online 2play the same. Hunting sucks too worse then back in the afternoon. Atleast you believed accomplished afterward, to get a legit J Sword, everybody re skins their weapons now.

Would you say pso2 ended up being over-bloated using semi-mediocre"content" instead of focusing on being good at particular aspects? PSO has been lots of fun, you hang in the lobby, make friends, chat go do a jog make a room and name, do a run through falz from forest. Exchange friend cards, see these later. I anticipate PSO2 climbs on this. I don't like playing alone. You can technically do these in pso2 with modern QoL and gaps. Missions are also quite fast generally talking so that you could run dailies or perform EQs together and whatnot. You need a group to chill with. Whether you'll discover said group is a matter that is different however, you can certainly find them.

They felt way. The super brief easy missions and enemies ends up feeling uninspired and generic. Thank god for Ephinea therefore OG PSO having an active community and I could play! One of my favorite parts of original pso was actually the leveling procedure, becoming to the issues that are new and getting stronger in that process. I never liked being given OP items/weps/mags and could always decline.

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