I've been slowly working on one for myself over the years

Posted July 14, 2020 by Megaomgchen

I've been slowly working on one for myself over the years
I just got back to OSRS a couple of weeks ago, and my wife needed to begin playing again too (after like 10 years). As it's all new to her, which pulled me back into RS3 21, she jumped into RS3. Anyways it has been a blast and archeology is chill and fun. I was way out of left field surprised when I got the archie pet ~70k exp, or lvl40 ish. I must delve deeper into the lore with this new info!

Can they release a brand new ability? Archaeology, Divination and Inventing seem to be the newest 3. They have overhauled a whole lot, so it grindy. Mining/Smithing are much better today. I had not played in about 8 or 9 decades, the images are WAY better now too. There is voice acting for pursuit NPCs now too.Can't say that I ever played runescape for the pictures, but yeahthey are better. I hadn't seriously played since middle school in 2005~. I think it has the most in depth method of any MMO.

The whole ability has hundreds of D&D references, it is wonderful. I don't have any resources to do that, but I believe Gielinor was initially a D&D setting that the Gowers played before they made it into RS. Who would not want a version of the own D&D world? I would not be shocked to find this out. It would surely make a fantastic setting, especially. It'd be possible to generate a setting guide for Gielinor that could range in the size of a pamphlet to a full blown hardcover publication.

I've been slowly working on one for myself over the years, but it has been getting more focus over my own setting, since it's mostly for the novelty of it. Whether an official one got published, I would buy it in a heartbeat, and there were so many Lore adjustments over the years it would be good to have a hard definitive decision on some of the stuff. I feel like it would be a very fun world to play, because happens behind the scenes and also to run. Is RuneScape still great? I played years ago and I'm wondering if it keeps up. It seems as far as match play.

The graphics have received a massive update, but are still simple enough to play on a basic computer, but they look good, it is not all pixels anymore. There are a lot of new skills, depending on if you played, and there are a lot of in game purchases today, but mostly for exp or cosmetics. If you'd like a grindy game to play as you are only chilling or studying, this may be a great one. I have been playing it along with a match on my phone whilst listening to music, it is a good way to unwind after work. I would be all over it, if Greymoor had not just dropped. I'll probably pick it up again when I'm tired of that.

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