In addition to this, it is readily seen why those who like to heal

Posted February 9, 2021 by Megaomgchen

In addition to this, it is readily seen why those who like to heal
As aforementioned, adding a Healer-focused course would change a lot about Diablo's gameplay, to this stage it might not even be Diablo any more. In most games with a Healer, even ones capable of some harm output, they need to wait for back. In Diablo's case specifically, this might mean there would need to be a fundamental change where hanging back and healing, while somehow coping damage in spurts, was possible. But the gameplay is much too rapid from this, and also a change of this size would upset many.

In addition to this, it is readily seen why those who like to heal would like some type of representation in Diablo 4. Plenty of games have courses that focus on recovery, but these games are often forced co-op or multiplayer matches. As a result, a Healer class would be largely weakened concerning solo play, as their skills may be centered on healing themselves and even other people, but keeping up with the damage output would be hard unless the class has been overpowered. This would signify the Healer course would only work for people with dedicated classes to play , and devoting one entire course to such a small niche (as there oftentimes see to be more of those who DON'T want to play heals than the ones that do) would only bring more than it brought up.

Ultimately, nobody can mistake those who favor this playstyle from needing a role in a Diablo game, and it's certainly possible within a well-defined set-up for this. But the changes that would bring to Diablo would not only see a massive blowback in all likelihood, there could be a massive number of limitations and balancing functions for the class that it's difficult to see it being worth it. A healer class for Diablo 4, at least in the most-defined terms of the course, isn't going to happen, and the same will probably be said for many future Diablo games.

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