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The Best Online Medical Exam Preparation Questions for NEET PG, NEET DM, INI CET, FMGE, NEET MCH, MRCP & MRCS and other Medical Exam test series.
MBBS is a daunting task in itself. Then post MBBS Exams pose a bigger challenge for Aspirants and there are many students competing now. There are some big changes happening in Medical exams be it NEET PG / NEXT / INICET Examinations. The Exams would be more or less resembling Conceptual USMLE Type and there is need for concentrating on Concepts , Clinical Cases , Value and Concept based questions , Picturization and Image Based Questions with focus on Recent developments.

Questions are framed by Experts of Different Subjects .Among the Preparatory material most questions are taken by NBE Experts from Standard Text Books like Robbins for Pathology , Grays / BD Chaurasia/ Lasts Anatomy for Anatomy , Philip Kalra, Washington Manual of Medicine / Davidson /Harrison for Medicine, Leninger / Stryer for Biochemistry , Khurana for Opthomology along with Kanski , OP GHai and Nelson for Pediatrics Parikh for SPM, Modi or Park for SPM , Schwartz and Bailey for Surgery .

hese Books tend to be Examiners Favourites.
Why Students are Confused about NEXT or NEET PG ?
No clear cut policy
Lots of Speculations
Confusion about Changes occurring
Absence of Standard books for Preparation.
What sort of Questions do we expect :
NEXT Question Pattern:
A 65 year old presents in Orthopedic Clinic with an acutely swollen Right knee. He was taking NSAIDS by himself. Subsequent investigations reveal intra-articular calcification on the radiographs and joint aspiration reveals positively Birefrigent crystals under polarized light. The Most Likely Cause is:
A 33 year old man sexually active presents to the Medicine Department with an acutely swollen and painful right knee associated with dysuria. He has recently had a travel to South East Asia where he had diarrhea and vomiting for several days. The Most Likely Diagnosis is:
A 25-year-old man presents to the Medical OPD with increasing wheeze and exertional dyspnoea. He has also noticed some ankle swelling. Investigation reveal: FBC: Hb 11.2 g/dl, MCV 88 fl, WCC 13.6 x 109/l (eosinophils 11.2 x 109/l), Platelets 225 x 109/l; U&E: Na+ 132 mmol/l, K+ 6.1 mmol/l, urea 16.9 mmol/l, Cr 475┬Ámol/l; cANCA-negative. The Most Likely Diagnosis is:
A 88 year-old man is referred to Private Nursing Home with pains in his arms and legs associated with lethargy and malaise. On examination he has hepatosplenomegaly and is clinically anaemic with area of bruising and purpura. Investigations show: FBC: Hb 6.9 g/dl, MCV 100 fl, WCC 21 x 109/l, Platelets 25 x 109/l; U&Es: Na+ 130 mmol/l , K+ 5.8 mmol/l, urea 21.9 mmol/l, Cr 455 ┬Ámol/l; CCa2+ 3.03 mmol/l, PO42- 0.41 mmol/l , Alk Phos 601 IU/l; LFTs:, AST 327 IU/l, ALT 577 IU/l, Alb 24 g/l, ESR 105 mm/hr. The Most Likely Diagnosis is:
NEXT MCQ Question Pattern:
A 45 year had RTA. He suffered dislocation of Shoulder with Palsy of the nerve . Most likely Outcome would be
Paralysis of Pectoralis major
Paralysis of Pectoralis minor
Paralysis of Deltoid
Paralysis of Serratus anterior
An Orthopedic Teacher is taking class on Menisci of Knee Joint. All are true about menici except:
The tear in the medial meniscus may be in the longitudinal direction (bucket handle tear) or transverse.
The medial meniscus is firmly adherent to the deep part of tibial collateral ligament.
Medial meniscus is more prone to injury than lateral meniscus.
Injury to the lateral meniscus is less common because the meniscus is relatively Fixed
A 2 month old patient passes a clear, light yellow, urine-like discharge from the umbilicus. Most likely cause is:
Obliterated urachus
Patent urachus
Obliterated Vitellointestinal duct
Abnormal endometrial tissue
An infection in a patient with HIV Positivity is caused by fungus. The branching filament of aspergillus. The most common species infecting humans is all except
A. fumigates
A. flavus
A. niger
A. alba
We provide effective Support to our Students preparing for NEET PG / NEXT / INICET Examinations. The New examination pattern should be known to students. If Students want to have more knowledge
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