How Can Help Desk Tickets Improve Your Business by Making it More Efficient?

Posted June 25, 2020 by MarkWatson

Every company wants to evolve and grow, but in order to do so it must firstly make sure that the communications between departments and clients are top notch.
Every company wants to evolve and grow, but in order to do so it must firstly make sure that the communications between departments and clients are top notch. One way of ensuring this is done properly is by introducing a help desk tickets protocol in order to streamline the protocol. But to do this a company has to find the right CRM platform. Among the first choices for almost every company is First Data CRM. With almost half of century of experience, the people behind First Data know what they are doing and are dedicated to offering the best services and greatest features to all of their clients.

How Do Help Desk Tickets Work?

Solving problems for both customers and employees in a company can be hard sometimes. There are a lot of people asking a lot of questions and a lot of information is flying around, sometimes chaotically. Trying to make heads or tails of the entire thing is hard, especially if you also have a company to run and want the best for both employees and customers. This is why special systems and protocols have been developed over the years in order to help people better explain the problems they are having and to give the ones in charge of handling it a better understanding of the nature of the problem. For instance, the customer call center of a company can be sometimes practically bombarded with calls from clients with various questions and problems. Or the IT department can have a lot on its plate with people from other departments.

This is why most companies employ a help desk tickets system. This system helps the ones in charge of dealing with the problems better manage what they are up against. This way they have a much clearer image of what the problem is and can prioritize it along with the others of the day. Also, tickets help them know which department or customer asked for what and this way information doesn’t get lost. Creating help desk tickets is easy and transmitting them from one person to another, or even to another department, is done without any stress or problems.

Help desk tickets are also a great way of keeping track of what employees are doing. For instance, a manager can check in at any time and see how many tickets an employee has in his queue and how many he has resolved. This way he always knows who’s done the most and the hardest work. So, when bonus time comes around, they know who is worthy.

Help desk tickets are also very helpful for clients. Sometimes people have difficulties in reaching the right department or person to help them with whatever it is they might need helping with. Special software enables clients to choose from a pre-loaded list of options just what they need. These software programs work just like in interactive FAQ section. Once the customer has described his problem using the available options, the ticket is generated and automatically sent off to the right person from the right department in order for it to be solved. This comes in very handy especially when a client doesn’t really understand what the problem is and can’t give a detailed description in order for the person at the other end of the phone to go on.

More and more companies have adopted and implemented such a system. But you don’t have to create yours from scratch. CRM developers have understood how important these tickets can be and how useful they are especially to growing companies. And so, they’ve started incorporating features into their products that lets users generate and manage these tickets in order to be more efficient and cut overhead costs. But, although many CRM platforms offer these features, you should make sure that you choose the right CRM platform for the job. Some of them can be tricky to use while others might be better for bigger companies and not so much for small emerging ones. Take your time and do some research before signing up with the first one you find on your Google search.

Who Are First Data CRM?

One of the leading CRM solution developers on the market right now is also one of the oldest in the business. First Data CRM was created in 1971 in Omaha, Nebraska. Back then it was called simply First Data, and it provided processing services for the Mid-American Bankcard Association. In 1976, the company started processing Visa and MasterCard, being the first ones to do so. By 1989 First Data Corporation was created thanks to American Express Information Services buying 80% of the company’s stock.

First Data CRM has since become the leading payment industry merchant processors, helping 6 million merchants. They handle around 3,000 transactions every second of every day, which comes up at about $2.2 trillion every year. They are such a big part of the industry, that their reports are used by renowned news networks such as The New York Times and Bloomberg.

The company partnered with Bank of America in 2009 in order to create the Bank of America Merchant Services. In 2013 they acquired the POS startup Clover and in 2014 they followed that up with another startup named Gyft. Last year, Fiserv merged with First Data CRM as a result of a $22 billion deal. This was the move that brought the company into the 21st century and ensured it a place among the greatest in this industry.

First Data CRM is one of the biggest and the best customer relations management solutions company, with over 40 years of experience and a portfolio envied by many. Their goal today, as it was back then, is to offer the best services possible to both merchants and ISOs. With their features and integrations, this CRM solution is one of the best there is.
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