A Sore Manhood After Intimacy is Just One Sign of Phimosis

Posted February 1, 2020 by man1health

Phimosis is a condition that can lead to an irritated male organ, a sore manhood after intimacy – and in the worst cases, a very painful hardness. What’s a man to do if this happens to him?
When a man has a sore manhood after intimacy, or suffers from member irritation anytime he tries to clean underneath the prepuce, he might have something known as phimosis. Phimosis is a condition in which a man will have difficulty pulling the prepuce of the member back from the head. In some cases, phimosis can be severe, with the prepuce so tight that it causes pain to even become hard. In other cases, it might be mild enough that a man can deal with it, but he’s left with that sore, painful feeling after intimacy and irritation at other times, too.

Understanding what phimosis is can help a man determine what to do about it.

What is Phimosis?

When the prepuce is too tight to be pulled back over the head of the member – or when pulling it back causes discomfort or even intense pain – that’s phimosis. Sometimes it can come along with other conditions that make the situation worse, such as inflammation, scarring, itching or bleeding. It might also lead to issues with hygiene, as smegma can build up underneath the prepuce, leading to infections and member irritation.

To make matters worse, phimosis can occasionally lead to paraphimosis. That’s when the prepuce is pulled back behind the head, but is so tight that it gets stuck there. A situation like this calls for immediate medical attention.

What Causes Phimosis?

There are two types of phimosis; pathological and congenital.

Pathological phimosis happens when a medical condition occurs that affects the member, such as inflammation or infection. It can also result from trauma to the member, especially that which ends up leaving scar tissue. This type of phimosis can be tough to treat, and might require surgery to fix.

Congenital phimosis occurs when a man has a naturally tight prepuce that stays that way as he ages. This type of phimosis can be treated in a variety of ways, and many non-surgical methods are successful.

How to Treat Phimosis

When it comes to treating phimosis, there are three primary ways to remedy the situation:

• Medication. Though it’s a newer possibility, medication for phimosis has begun to gain some traction. The tablets betamethasone and hyaluronidase have been found to loosen the skin of about 54% of those who use a combination of the two, and the medications are considered safe for all ages who might suffer from phimosis.

• Manual therapy. Before going the surgery route, many doctors will recommend manual therapy for stretching the prepuce and thus easing the pain and problems associated with phimosis. In some cases, self-pleasuring can be used to achieve this goal, by routinely moving the prepuce up and down while using plenty of creme in an effort to gradually loosen the skin. Another option is gentle manual stretching with a balloon catheter, or a smooth Q-tip type of device that gently moves underneath the prepuce and allows for gradual stretching. This treatment can take several months for a man to see results.

• Circumcision. As a final approach to phimosis, circumcision is the surgical procedure that removes the prepuce either completely or partially. A total circumcision removes the prepuce completely; a partial circumcision might consist of several incisions that allow the prepuce to heal with a broader space between the head and the prepuce.

Use a Good Member Health Creme

When a man suffers from member irritation or a sore manhood after intimacy, whether he suffers from phimosis or not, it pays to reach for a high-quality member health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin). A good crème should contain things like Shea butter, which is great for keeping skin smooth and supple, as well as vitamin E, an antioxidant that can help with healing; it can also help reduce the appearance and toughness of scars. Vitamin A is also a great ingredient, as it helps with repairing damaged cells.

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