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The shelf life of LME is said to be upto two years under ideal conditions i.e. cool, dark and dry, it does have the tendency to experience degradation over time.
If you are thinking about getting into homebrewing, the step of mashing can seem to be overly complicated which might make you lose interest from the start. Also if you assume that brewing with grains will automatically create the beer better - Well, it might not be the case. Being able to skip the entire mash process, you will be able to produce wort in fewer steps with less gear and in a shorter amount of time.

Using malt extract while skipping the mashing process might not be the only way required to make or produce an award winning beer, but it will definitely help you to get a grip on your product.

Now a question that arises here is - What type of extract is best for your brewing situation? Whether one should go for liquid malt extract (LME) or should choose dry malt extract (DME).

The answer to this question is - After taking all the things into consideration it is concluded that each form of malt extract has its pros and cons and which one to go for is based upon the brewing process and goals of the recipe.

Liquid Malt Extract

LME or liquid malt extract is the form of malt extract which is made by conducting a typical mash and then dehydrating the wort down to about 20 percent water. What is left is a goopy, molasses-like syrup in which the water content is usually around 20%, with the other remaining 80% composed of sugar and unfermentable solids. When compared with DME, LME has a sweet essence and pleasant flavour. In the recipes that require a large amount of malt extract - LME is definitely a better choice.

The shelf life of LME is said to be upto two years under ideal conditions i.e. cool, dark and dry, it does have the tendency to experience degradation over time.

Dry Malt Extract

The primary difference between LME and DME is the amount of water in each type of extract. Because the two types of malt are different in water content, a pound of liquid extract and a pound of dry extract differ in sugar content as well. DME tends to have a better shelf life without the darkening issues of light malt extract because of the lower water content

Along with having a better shelf life, dry malt powder form also allows for much easier weighing compared to LME when not using an entire package. DME is also comparatively easier to use.

The key point to consider here is that whether you use LME or use DME, the extract needs to be fresh and stored properly. We at Mahalaxmimaltextract provides you the best quality malt extract. To buy Malt Extract, Liquid MAlt Extract or extract powder in india, Contact the renowned malt extract supplier - Mahalaxmimaltextract.

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