Lifree Adult Diapers Are the Best Answer for Managing Old Age Incontinence

Posted February 24, 2021 by kaurharleen

The excellence of Japanese technology and the best quality absorbing material make Lifree adult diapers for old age perfect answer to incontinence. Select them according to your mobility level.
Lifree rolls out the most effective absorbent pants style and tape style adult diapers for men & women to help them manage discomforts associated with old age incontinence.

The best solution for leakage or incontinence is here. Lifree has sought a breakthrough in sanitary and hygiene products required for managing the old age related issues. The company using the excellence of Japanese technology has entered the Indian markets with its adult diaper range. ‘Our products are certainly different from others as we have studied the requirements of elderly people in detail and then designed our adult diapers”, reveals the company representative.

He explains further, “Not all diapers will suit the seniors alike. The biggest difference amongst all sorts of adult users lies in the physical state they are in. Some are quite independent, moving freely, doing things on their own. Whereas, others may show diminished stages of mobility like dependence on stick to that of being bed-ridden. Thus, the diapers have to be designed according to the user’s situation. This is what we have achieved in Lifree diapers.”

Extra absorbing skin-friendly adult diapers
Senior people living active life still face incontinence due to improper working of pelvic region muscles. Since urine is not completely expelled from the body, it causes incontinence.Diapers are supposed to be worn for extended hours if you are away from home due to work or any social obligation. So, the very first feature it should have is skin-friendliness. “Lifree extra absorbent pants are made for seniors living active life. The pants are provided with stretchable waistbands so that these can be worn and taken off comfortably without anybody’s help. Our aim is to promote independent living in seniors and this extra absorbent style is our honest effort towards it,” says the spokesperson from Lifree.

Most suitable diapers for various mobility levels
“We have identified five mobility levels in the elderly people. These stages are Mobility 0 to Mobility 5. For mobility 0 to mobility 3 levels, our pant style diapers are the best”, says company executive. These are the mobility levels where the dependence on people or walking aid is absent to limited. “Lifree absorbent pants are easy to wear without any help. These are not noticeable from outside. There is no sagging after the use, thus, the fitting would never be a problem,” he further explains.

The other type is tape style diaper that is applicable for mobility levels 4 and 5. These mobility levels correspond to the stage when the person in quite dependent on others for doing normal jobs like bathing, changing clothes, using washroom, etc. Walking is reduced to assisted movements only. At mobility level 5, the person is bed-ridden. There is full time assistant required for even turning to the sides. For these stages, tape style Japanese adult diapers from Lifree are the best fit. The attendant is able to change and adjust the diaper easily according to the person’s convenience and snug fit provides ultimate cover. Thus, the ease and comfort are the two important benefits one can find in tape style diapers.

Diapers for all types of incontinence
Apart from the levels of mobility, the researchers at Lifree have closely studies the types of incontinences prevalent in seniors. Lifree is the best adult diaper for old age as it is designed to provide support to the user suffering from various kinds of incontinence. The common types of incontinence are:

a. Stress incontinence
b. Urge incontinence
c. Overflow incontinence
d. Functional incontinence

Our adult diapers for women are designed keeping stress incontinence issue in mind.Lifree Adult Diapers suitable for both men and women offer ultimate comfort and confidence of living life independently till late in life.

Urge incontinence and overflow incontinence are caused due to incomplete emptying of bladder. Patients suffering from urinary infections or prostate gland problems face urge incontinence and can manage it with the help of pant style diapers easily. Functional incontinence is when the person is not able to reach to the washroom due to limited movement abilities.

Whatever the type of incontinence you are suffering from, you can buy Lifree absorbent pants online and enjoy your normal and social life in old age without worrying about incontinence.

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