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But how do you choose a luxury airport shuttle service in Florida? How do you pick the best shuttle bus to the airport in Fort Lauderdale?
Going on a trip to a new city? Sounds great! Then again, probably it isn't too much fun. It may be a business trip to a city you don't know much about, your schedule may be hectic, and you won't have too much time to visit the area. On the other hand, the trip may be enjoyable, but getting there safely and quickly can be a challenge.

Getting to the airport is easy-peasy; after all, you know the area and how to get to the airport. You take the plane and after a few hours, you arrive at your destination. After you leave the airport, the tough part of your trip begins. Airport transfers are very frustrating, especially if you travel with a group. You just sit around and wait until your shuttle arrives, but it may take a while. Also, if you are not traveling alone, you always have to keep your eyes on the group and see if everyone is alright.

Transfers are stressful for everyone, but good airport transfer services can help you feel comfortable and reach your destination safely and quickly. But how do you choose a luxury airport shuttle service in Florida? How do you pick the best shuttle bus to the airport in Fort Lauderdale? Here's a short guide:

Do your research

Trying to find the best airport shuttle service in Florida? It all starts with doing your research. There are tens of airport shuttle service providers at every major airport in Florida, so you have to know what to expect. The competition is fierce in this industry, so make sure you pick the right service.

When you are looking for a good airport shuttle service, don't accept the services offered by the airport. Every airport has its special shuttle service, but it's often very expensive, and the services are not that great. What's more, depending on the airline, shuttles can be unreliable and unpredictable. You simply cannot expect to get good services from most of these shuttle services.*

Do your online research first. Check websites, review websites, social media platforms, and everything in-between. Check rates, reviews, schedules, the type of vehicle used, and how far are they willing to drive. Pay extra attention to special services, especially if you are traveling with a disabled person, a pet, or children. Some shuttle services may not accept you or may charge you more, a lot more. Some services, especially the best shuttle bus to the airport in Fort Lauderdale provide extra services, like free Wi-Fi, refreshments, or snacks. What's better than having free snacks and drinks after a long flight?

*Although many shuttle services offered by airports are poor and overpriced, some airports have excellent shuttle services; make sure to check online before booking – you may find great deals!

Call each company

This may seem redundant, especially if your online search is comprehensive, but it's essential for finding the perfect match. After the online search, you should have at least airport shuttle services in Florida to choose from. These are the companies that are your best choices, but it's time to choose the perfect one. Try calling these companies and ask detailed questions about their service. If you can't find their phone number, don't bother. Every serious shuttle service company should have an office number you can call if you have questions.

These are the main questions to ask when looking for the best shuttle bus to the airport in Fort Lauderdale:

#1 – Ask about insurance

Most people think about travel insurance about themselves – this is normal, but it's also important to ask about the car insurance your shuttle service has. What will they do in case of emergency or breakdown? How quickly can they replace the car and get you to your destination safely? Do they provide some type of financial reimbursement?

These questions may seem far-fetched if you are staying at a hotel downtown. However, if your hotel is out of town or in the middle of a forest, it's important to know how your shuttle service handles emergency situations. Simply put, you are going to be in the shuttle for a while, and you have to make sure you choose the best operator. Also, ask about the paperwork and procedures – the last thing you want is to get stranded on a highway because the driver can't order a quick towing service.

#2 – Ask about the hiring process

Questions about insurance are a must when choosing a good shuttle service, but another important subject to ask about is the driver hiring process. How is the operator hiring new drivers? Is there a special screening process? Is the company doing background checks? Do they require drug screenings?

Similarly, ask whether they have contract drivers or if they have full-time employees. Keep in mind that contract drivers may not go through a screening process, and are often hired temporarily. On the other hand, full-time employees have better credentials and more experience with the company. Every detail is important – a good driver will bring you peace of mind, and you can focus better on enjoying your trip.

#3 – Hunt for special offers

It's important to flex your “bargaining muscles” from time to time. The shuttle service industry is competitive, and companies often attract new clients with excellent deals and special offers. Hunt for the special offers – you can find them online, you can call and ask, or you can negotiate a great deal. Just make sure you do your research and know what to ask beforehand.

For example, ask your company about additional services: “I noticed that your services are a little more expensive, do you offer refreshments or snacks? Can you negotiate the price?” Try not to be rude. Remember, you are the client, and you are paying for the service, and you have the right to ask questions. Just be open and negotiate calmly.

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