Hermann Kreimann Explains How to Make Robotics and Technology More Accessible to Students

Posted May 1, 2021 by jhonnylongblog

Hermann Kreimann is a tech entrepreneur in California and provides robotics and computer science training to high school students.
(May 1, 2021): Hermann Kreimann is a tech entrepreneur in California and provides robotics and computer science training to high school students. Over the past five years, his company has been growing at an accelerated pace.

Aside from just being an entrepreneur, Hermann Kreimann is a military veteran. He was a sergeant in joint node network management, computer networking and satellite communications.

Kreimann began his robotics company after his son convinced him to do so. The company has since expanded to training over 2000 students across 35 schools every year.

He believes it’s important for students to get involved in robotics and technology and to explore STEM as a potential career path.

“Some actions we can take individually or as a society to make education more accessible to students is to invest into competitive robotics,” says Kreimann.

“There really has to be more investment into competitive robotics.”

Hermann Kreimann says that the U.S. sometimes falls behind in international robotics competitions.

“One thing I noticed when going to competitions is that teams are really good. Russia, China, Germany and Hong Kong are all good”, says Kreimann. “The U.S. should be good because we’re innovators.”

“We have Silicon Valley in our backyard and Google and Amazon were founded here,” says Kreimann.

Kreimann says that U.S. robotics teams often struggle nevertheless, and that this could be changed by continuing to invest into robotics education for youth.

“Our school systems don’t really invest as much as they should,” says Kreimann.

He suggests that students should start at an early age – even as early as kindergarten, with access to robots and technology.

The problem, according to Kreimann, is that students tend to only have access to robotics education in the later years of their academic careers, and only after school. If schools would invest into robotics and technology education much earlier, the US would gain a competitive edge in international competitions, and perhaps even as a world leader in robotics.

“Robotics should be more than just an extracurricular activity,” says Kreimann. “That in itself shows that it’s not important, right?”

Hermann Kreimann goes on to say that neglecting to teach students about technology during their in-school learning time is a disservice to their future wellbeing and success.

Kreimann says that robotics is also a healthy way to encourage competitiveness, like in sports. He attributes sports for giving him an edge in entrepreneurship and business and encourages people to consider trying robotics as they would a sport.

“The coaches instilled in us a mindset that there is always a way to accomplish something,” says Kreimann. This is the same philosophy and value system that he tries to instill into his students when teaching them robotics.

By investing into robotics earlier on in the education system, students can begin to learn that they have a knack for robotics and STEM from an early age and go on to pursue the field and seek out new opportunities.

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