Precautions For Using The Wood Auger Drill Bit

Posted July 9, 2021 by jeejatools

A drill bit is a tool that rotates and has the cutting ability at the tip.
A drill bit is a tool that rotates and has the cutting ability at the tip. The most common ones we use are the wood auger drill bit and the HSS cobalt drill bit. So what should we pay attention to when using bricks?
The dust suction effect of the drill press is better, and the dust suction air can reduce the temperature of the drill bit, and at the same time, it takes away the dust and reduces the high temperature caused by friction.
When sharpening the drill, try to make the two main cutting edges of the drill symmetrical, so that the radial forces of the two main cutting edges cancel each other out to prevent the drill from deviating and expanding the hole diameter.
When due to wear and its wear diameter is reduced by 2% compared with the original, the drill bit is scrapped.
The substrate stack, including the upper and lower pads, should be firmly positioned and laid flat in a hole-to-slot positioning system on the worktable of the drilling machine. The use of adhesive tape should prevent the drill bit from drilling on the tape to make the drill bit stick to the chips, causing difficulty in chip removal and broken drills.
Of course, the use of HSS cobalt drill bit or other bricks also needs to pay attention to these.
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