What to Consider when Choosing Broker CRM Software

Posted July 20, 2020 by JaneEdisonn

Broker CRM software is a system designed specifically to assist brokerage companies track and communicate better with current and prospect customers.
Nowadays, systems have evolved greatly, and they offer more than basic features, to enhance functionality. They can be customized to meet unique business models and match various procedures in an intuitive manner. Along with such software there are other tools worth looking into, such as power dialer, Phoneburner and Phoneburner competitors. 

Why Use Broker CRM Software 

Being a successful real estate broker sometimes feels like running several departments at once. Brokers need to manage their own clients, focus on ways to attract new ones, make offers, sign contracts, send emails, make phone calls, and more. doing everything without a tool is time consuming and stressful. The good news is that broker CRM software helps in this matter and eliminates manual work and repetitive tasks in a great manner. The software is designed to help brokers, achieve their potential and manage relationships with customers in an efficient manner. 

A CRM tool manages the sales cycle entirely, from the initial encounter to follow-up and relationship maintenance. In their everyday sales efforts, agents are testing out many approaches to lead generation, but what if they could easily find the most useful ones? Analytics are available in one place and agents can base their strategies on what works best, so they don’t waste time in the wrong direction. It is easier to sort and filter customer database, based on their interest, demographics, products/services they want to buy, and more. 

Where to Look for Phoneburner Competitors 

The popularity of Phoneburner has led to the appearance of many Phoneburner competitors https://www.crmdialer.com/the-clash-of-dialer-focused-crms-crmdialer-vs-phoneburner/. Every company wants to benefit from a power dialer, because it boosts productivity for outbound sales teams. Depending on the chosen provider, power dialers have many capabilities, including email tracking and contact management. More than that, some solutions have advanced reporting and lead distribution, to support teams in everything they need to achieve more sales and have more leads. 

Companies that deal with many clients and have to make phone calls, telemarketing, offer customer support, and such, need a power dialer to manage the operations faster and more efficiently. the whole idea is to speed up the calling process, so that sales agents can contact more leads in an hour. Conversation quality is not sacrificed, because agents hear the phone ringing and they can hear the person at the end of the call clearly. Teams have full control over the dialing experience from start to finish. However, managers can always interfere, listen to the conversation, make notes, record calls, and more. 

Back to broker CRM software https://www.crmdialer.com/mortgage-crm-software/, there are many functions to look for, which make all the difference. Some of the great features included in top versions are:
•    Built-in compliance requirements; having risk-detection tools available and uploading compliance documents
•    Marketing automation; being able to send personalized emails to leads and actual customers through an automated control panel, informing them about offers and service/product releases at all times
•    Sales pools channels; customers are assigned automatically to sales pools, based on different criteria 
•    Advanced reporting; availability of reporting tools that generate valuable reports, tracking sales activities, following market trends, managing risks better

No matter if you are a large or small broker office, there are a few aspects that broker CRM software should incorporate. The solution should be powerful and intuitive, easy to implement and use, priced reasonably, keeping clients and contacts nicely organized, using modern automation techniques to assist with lead management. Also, it should be customized for your business, to meet specific needs, and cloud-based for easy access from any location. The most important aspect is that the software has to help your business grow, become more productive, help agents in their daily tasks, and make the most out of the available resources. 

The broker CRM software can help with marketing campaigns as well. Marketing is an essential part of every business, because every company needs to promote its products/services, gain more visibility and acknowledgement. If your CRM solution simplifies certain strategies, you can stand ahead of competition. Some ways to achieve this is to integrate social media with CRM, leverage content management interfaces, include a mortgage calculator, and more. There are a variety of features to look into, and it is up to every provider to present their offer and for you to evaluate if it meets your needs and your future strategies. 

What a Phoneburner Competitor Offers  
Although Phoneburner is highly well-known and manages to impress with the set of features offered, Phoneburner competitors do not fall behind and have a lot to offer. Perhaps businesses do not require so many features or are not willing to spend so much money. They want a more affordable solution, but with great characteristics as well. The auto dialer is highly effective, because salespersons don’t have to manually dial number, thus eliminating human error. They don’t have to choose contacts from the list either, so that every lead is contacted, and no one is left behind. 

Phoneburner competitors are worth considering, because you can save considerably by choosing their services. The main idea is to make phone calls quickly and efficiently and power dialers out there help achieve such results. Ideally, the dialer should be integrated with CRM, to benefit from both worlds, and already have the lead list to call. Aside from making calls, agents can record them and stay away from voicemail drops, so that they don’t waste valuable time dealing with dropped calls. 

During the call, Phoneburner competitors offer access to other features. For example, agents can take quick notes about leads, add appointments and reminders, all added to the calendar. Based on how the conversation goes, lead statuses can be changed to progress or prospecting. SMS features and local ID are available in certain packages, so if these interests you, you should know possibilities exist. People need to look well enough for software solutions, because they are so diverse and complex these days. 
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