Reasons to Join the Oregon Credit Union

Posted April 24, 2020 by JaneEdison

People have so many possibilities nowadays regarding financial institutions.
Although many are accustomed with banks and find it convenient to open an account and go to the local branch, they are not always accessible. Instead, the best credit unions in Oregon stand out with their features and membership facilities. There is much to know about the Oregon credit union and it makes sense to investigate the institution, considering your money are in discussion.

What is the Oregon Credit Union?

Not everyone knows that the Oregon credit union is a non-profit organization. This means there are no shareholders to please and it doesn’t focus on making a profit. The main aim is to help the community develop and everyone in it. This is one of the reasons why the membership requirement refers to living within the location. It is true that not everyone can become a member, but there are fewer restrictions than before and sometimes it is enough to live, work, study, or worship within the region.

Some of the greatest benefits of joining the union refer to high-quality customer service, welcoming atmosphere, wide range of products and services, lower fees, better interest rates and even voting rights. Once you are a member, you can open checking and savings accounts, obtain a credit card, loans of all kind and even investment possibilities. Instead of doing everything to obtain profits from high fees and interest rates, unions return profits to members, not as cash, but lower rates for loans and high rates on savings accounts.

Why Choose the Best Credit Unions in Oregon?

The main idea from which the best credit unions in Oregon have developed is of people helping people. This is why you will see that unions don’t operate as simple financial institutions, they serve the community and have different programs to assist education and those in need. They make donations and involve members to help one another. This is something worth considering if you want to make a difference and not only make a deposit or open an account, but impact the lives of others around you.

As for some of the benefits that interest people the most, members enjoy lower rates on credit cards and loans. Whenever you think about getting a loan, for a new car, for a house, to start a business, for personal use, you will obtain the money but have to pay an interest rate as well. Banks and other financial institutions have high rates and people don’t have anything to do about it, but accept if they want the loan. It is not the case with unions, because they offer some of the best rates and even checking and savings accounts with no fees. This is a great relief and a great way to manage your funds.

Not everyone can enter a bank and require a loan or a credit card. These institutions verify the credit history and check if a person qualifies or not. The good news is that the Oregon credit union is more forgiving and works with members to find a solution or see how their score can be improved. Unions want to help members and don’t refuse their chances from the beginning. They want to know about the person’s financial status, if they owe money to someone, if they pay their bills on time, and such.

People open savings accounts because they want to know their money is in good hands and they want to obtain something extra from the deposit. This is true for credit unions, as they offer high rates on savings accounts. They are very open about such information and let everyone know how much they can earn each time. Not to mention all accounts are secured and insured. You will not be at risk of losing your deposit under any circumstances. Of course, it helps to investigate more about unions within your location and find the most reliable ones.

The best credit unions in Oregon have adopted the latest technological advancements and offer members internet and mobile banking, to check accounts and make transactions on the go. As for the range of ATMs, some have the ones attached to the branches, but to offer more flexibility, they specify which ATMs you can use without any costs, even if they are not affiliated. In case you are no longer satisfied with your current financial institution, no one says you have to stick to it, because there are others out there that exceed your expectations.
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