Are Banks Oregon the Only Financial Solution?

Posted April 24, 2020 by JaneEdison

Many consumers are experiencing high fees and unreasonable rates at banks Oregon, and they want to know if alternatives exist and how to find them.
Whenever deciding upon a financial institution, it is best to take into account your financial needs and think about what works best for you. Banks in Portland Oregon are not the only solutions out there, because there are other financial institutions that offer better customer service, lower fees and the same variety of products and services. Credit unions fall into this category.

Why Banks Oregon?

People choose banks Oregon due to various reasons. Some are very familiar with them and believe they are the only institutions out there. They spot branches and ATMs and think their funds are in good hands and they can trust the establishment. Banks are for-profit organizations and they care about making money for shareholders. This is why they have high fees and rates and they do not care about pleasing people, they care about increasing their earnings.

It is true that they excel at technology, rewards programs and offering access on mobile devices to clients. However, these features are also provided by credit unions and they gain more and more members due to the way they operate. Did you know that unions are non-profit organizations? They work and provide products and services to members, not clients. They care about the community and want to help each member. Not to mention they have a variety of programs and make donations to schools, charity. When you join a union, you actually become a member with various rights, not only obligations.

Why Switch from Banks in Portland Oregon?

There are many reasons to convince anyone to give up the idea of becoming a client of banks in Portland Oregon and switch to a credit union. To name a great benefit, you will enjoy better customer service. You will always find the needed support and someone to talk to when you have certain issues. As for financial products and services, rest assured that unions have similar ones, such as loans, business accounts, savings and checking accounts, and more. You will take advantage of the same facilities and enjoy more flexibility, not to mention lower fees.

Anyone can become a client of a bank. They need to offer some information and see if they qualify for credit cards, loans, whatever they need. As for credit unions, not everyone is eligible. However, nowadays, it is enough to live in a certain area and you can become a member. It also helps if a family member is already registered. You can verify which unions operate in your region and then pay them a visit or access the official website to find more about their activity and how developed they are.

Another reason why people prefer banks Oregon is because they know their money is insured and in case something occurs, they will not lose anything. The same concept applies at credit unions, because your money is safe there as well and there is nothing to worry about. You can ask this information when discussing directly with a representative and obtain more insight on how secure is your account. The internet stands at your disposal and helps find the answer to all questions.

Considering we are living in a modern world, highly advanced, it is understandable for all financial institutions to keep up with technology and provide mobile access to accounts. Even unions have internet and mobile banking, so that members can make transactions, verify their accounts and know whenever something changes. This eliminates the need to go to the branch for every small issue. As for the access to ATMs, it is good to know that many unions collaborate to offer access to members, regardless of their location.

It is always worth looking into all possibilities, especially when it comes to your money, because it should be well kept and invested. Even if you want to open an account, access a loan, make an investment, and such, it makes sense to conduct a research and find out which solution works best for you. Banks in Portland Oregon might seem convenient, but this does not mean they are the only solution or the best one. You will be amazed of what unions offer and how they stand for the community and aim to develop it in all ways. While you are a member, you also have voting rights and always know what happens within the union.
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