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Posted September 22, 2015 by jamesbonds

I thought making this a thread would be appropriate
I thought making this a thread would be appropriate, as although there is already a CM discussion thread, I couldn't find one specifically for Career Mode Youth players.

What exactly is this thread then?

I've just entered my 5th season of the longest and most enjoyable CM I've started this year, with RB Leipzig (starts in the 2nd Bundesliga) and I can't see myself stopping this save for quite a while. What's enabled me to keep interested with this CM, is that I've tried to keep it relatively realistic -- by buying somewhat obscure players youth players and watching them develop. Sure, some of them won't fulfil their potential and it can be strenuous, but there are others that reach or completely outgrow their potential and turn into players you-individually love, unlike the 93 rated Pogba, or 94 rated Neymar that everybody's had.

Now why I've made this thread, is because I'm now 5 season in, and a lot of my squad is now made up of youth academy products. As with randomly generated players and Fifa coins, there is a lot of random/interesting shit you come across. I'm using this thread as a source for discussion regarding anything with CM Youth Players, or just posting to show off your best or most random player and how they progress over the years.

What prompted the creation of this thread is actually a RB that just signed for the senior squad, and he's 17, with the overall of 70 and worth 825k (pounds). Nothing sounds too out of the ordinary there - which is what I thought until I came across his stats, which... I'm just going to post.

Strangest thing about him, is that he's a lot higher rated in every position other than CB; at LW/RW 83; RM/LM 83; CAM 80; CM 77; STR 76. Was laughing when I saw everything - especially his physical stats. I mean, 97 pace on a 17 year old, already? Just seems so strange because nearly every other youth player I've promoted has had horrible physical attributes with fairly decent skill attributes - which rise a *bleep* ton while physical stats don't improve too much.

I've also had a few RB/LBs come through the academy now, and the ones I've promoted (85-94 potential) have extremely good defending, that have started with a better overall than this guy I've shown you, but every other area (including physical) has been horrible. By the way, I have three scouts with 4*/5* and search for players in their own country.

Anway, that's enough from me, I hope you understand the gist of this thread. Hopefully I'll come back to report that Robert Pich has grown +20 down the track. Thanks guys, show me your best youth players

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