What are the different categories in Aluminium Window Door Machinery that are used as Milling Machines?

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India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, that is developing with rapid urbanization and industrialization.
India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, that is developing with rapid urbanization and industrialization. Due to increased income and leading quality living life makes to construct lavishing buildings. And this type of huge constructions, are very commonly found in the big metropolitan cities.

And there is a huge need of aluminium window door machinery in the building and construction industry. In India, most of the people prefer to use windows and doors that are made up of wood, aluminium or uPVC profiles. These ensure in providing advantages like cheap, low maintenance costs, and long-lasting options.
The demand for the aluminium windows and doors makes the companies in offering a wide range of aluminium window manufacturing machines in the market.

In this huge competition, iproducts marketing is one of the leading suppliers of aluminium window manufacturing machines in our country.

The aluminium window manufacturing machines offered by the iproducts are very reliable, and efficient machines that can be adjusted as per the customer desires and requirements.

The people were used traditional methods in making the windows and doors for many years, but with the drastic improvement in the technology makes the human efforts less in making the windows, and other house-hold equipment by inventing the aluminium window door machinery for various processes that are essential to make the house-hold equipment.

And most of the machines that are included in making the windows and doors for various profiles are like uPVC windows and doors manufacturing machines, aluminium window door machinery, and PVC, aluminium cutting machines, and as well as milling and welding machines, and much more.

Coming to the aluminium window manufacturing machines there are various processes included in various categories. And milling is one of the most important processes among all other processes like cutting, drilling, welding, punching, cleaning, and crimping etc.

Let us discuss regarding the aluminium window machine used for milling the aluminium profiles that are provided by the iproducts.
Aluminium window machine used for milling aluminium profiles:
The aluminium window machine designed for milling purpose is mainly used for cutting and shaping the solid materials such as metal, wood, plastics, and etc. and the metal cutting operations are done by using a single-edged or multi-edged milling cutter. The milling cutter performs a rotatory and a linear movement of operations.

This aluminium window machine that is designed for milling aids to produce flat, curved, stepped, parallel, and also inclined faces for various materials. It is also used to process slots, threads, grooves, and even tooth systems.

Iproducts can supply numerous types of aluminium window manufacturing machines in milling category and some of them are like Heavy Duty auto end-milling machines, CNC milling machines, and aluminium profile tenon milling machines, and let us know about Heavy Duty auto end-milling machine in detail.
Heavy Duty auto end-milling machine is specially equipped for milling the aluminium mullion and reinforced mullion. It has large milling capacity, by using this advantage it can mill multi-pieces in a single cycle.
The presence of universal milling blades in this type of aluminium window manufacturing machine facilitates in adjusting the blades in various directions to fit for various processing requirements.

• The Heavy Duty auto end-milling machine works at a power supply of 380V 50HZ, and its rotational speed of the motor is 8.8kW.
• The air pressure comprises 0.5-0.8Mpa.
• The diameters of the main shaft, milling cutter, and blade are as follows- ɸ32mm, ɸ250mm, and ɸ355mm.
• The cutting surface roughness is about 12.5µm, the motor can be adjusted in the range of 0-85mm.
• And it weighs around 650kg.
The iproducts offer one set of standard accessories for free that includes complete tooling.
The Heavy Duty auto end-milling machine is used for milling the aluminium profiles and also suitable for other profiles. It is capable of cutting the multiple piece profiles at a time this feature ensures the processing efficiency.
The universal blades can be adjusted to different directions as per the processing requirements. And there is no need to order different tools for processing various profiles so, we can reduce the cost and save the time.
This aluminium window machine designed for milling works at high milling speed and also results in good processing.
End-Milling Machine
The aluminium window door manufacturing machinery used in the milling process also includes end-milling machine. And it is used for the mullion end surface milling and screwing the connection types.
Its uniform speed and adjustable feeding system lead to high milling quality. And the End-Milling Machine contains the changeable cutters to process aluminium and uPVC profiles also.
• It uses air pressure of 0.5 to 0.8Mpa, with an air consumption value of 30L/min.
• It can be operated with an input voltage of 380V50HZ, and with an input power of 1.5kw.
• It weighs around 300kg, and its main shaft revolution is about 2800r/min, and the cutter spindle travels up to 36mm.
The end-milling machine is also called as an automatic end-milling machine to process mainly the mullion, stepped surface and also end grooves.
This aluminium window machine is having the high precision of the main shaft and that ensures the high-quality milling, and it also consists of an automatic feeding option. It is also having the uniform speed feeding property.

The iproducts aluminium window door manufacturing machinery, are perfectly suitable for the clients who are working in the building, construction, designing, and even fabrication industries, to design their unique and standard aluminium windows and doors. iproducts most importantly facilitates the customers with large-scale demands with in the time. It also capable of supplying the machines that profit the performance, quality, and durability. We can also suggest the machines that are upgraded with the trending technologies.

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