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Posted September 20, 2020 by inonefit71

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The trick to finding the best home gym alternative is to ensure you pick something that you're going to enjoy. While many people find that they like to exercise in the comfort of their own homes, sometimes it can become oppressive and difficult to maintain motivation. Also, home gyms are expensive and bulky which makes them a hassle to purchase, move and maintain. Here are our Best Value Home Gym Alternatives:

1. Body-Weight Training - While it's often thought that you need big weights and a lot of equipment to get a great workout, think for a minute about the athletes with the least body fat, the most powerful and those with the greatest power to weight ratio. Not, not male fitness models, bodybuilders, basketballers or lifters. It's Gymnasts.

Gymnasts are also some of the most flexible and dexterious athletes in the world. But very little of their strength training takes place in the gym. Instead, gymnasts are committed to training using only their bodies. You'd be incredibly surprised at just how good of a workout you can get by using your own body weight as your only resistance. Whether it's push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, squats or crunches, the absolute best value alternative to a home gym is moving your own body with a few aides to change up the angle of your motions.

2. Resistance Bands - Definitely your next-best bet when it comes to finding an alternative to a home gym. Resistance Bands allow users to get the benefits of intense weight training without the need for bulky equipment. A complete set that you can use to strengthen and tone your entire body will run you generally around $100. But when you compare this to a home gym, you're well in front. Most reputable companies will offer a lifetime replacement warranty as well, so you never have to worry about breakages and being out-of-pocket.

Using resistance bands also allows your to get a great Cardio workout as well. Performing circuit training with resistance bands, you can rapidly increase your heart-rate and therefore your endurance if you can keep it elevated. Resistance bands are sometimes overlooked as far as fitness equipment goes, but they are easily amongst the best value home gym alternatives.

3. Real Gyms - It might seem obvious, but going to a real gym can be a great improvement on working out at home. Granted, there is travel associated, and there are membership fees, but you don't clutter your living room with dumbbells and you save on maintenance costs. Real gyms also provide an atmosphere that is generally conducive to improved fitness. The environment is one of the big pluses for fitness enthusiasts.

4. The Pool - Another over-looked fitness alternative to the home-gym is the pool. Swimming exercises every muscle in the body while also taking you "out of your element" and placing you in a fitness environment that mandates that you carefully manage your breathing and recovery from exercise. As anyone with Asthma will tell you, swimming increases your lung capacity and the ability of your body to move oxygen to its extremities.
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