Growing Weeds In a Pot – How To Achieve Good Results?

Posted October 23, 2020 by i49net

There are plenty of ways to grow cannabis outdoors and one of the most popular and effective method of doing so is by way of pots.
We know that most of the growers want to grow their cannabis indoors for a variety of reasons. However, growing outside offers a unique experience and it is quite enjoyable as well. With indoor cultivation, the grower has full control over the humidity, light and temperature, while in outdoors, it all depends upon the climate and the weather.

Pots offer plenty of advantages in growing your weed whether you grow indoors or in outdoors. Do you want to know how? Check out the following information in form of advantage of growing weeds outdoors in pots:


The main advantage of growing your weeds in pots is the portability. You can move your plant as per the direction of the sunlight when your plant is in a pot. This way you can provide more and more light to your plant and ensure that the light absorption in the plant is perfect. Portability is a major advantage of growing your crops in pot. If required, you can bring your plants indoors.

2.Controlling the growth rate

One more positive aspect of growing your plants in pots outdoors is that you can easily control the growth rate and the size of the plants. This is a great thing when there is a need to create a clone or camouflage the plants. You should not forget that many of the cannabis strains can grow up to 2 meters that will easily attract the curious neighbors towards it.

3.Controlling the quality of your crop

Last, growing your cannabis strain in a pot will allow you to control the quality and consistency of the growing medium and you can also save the problems that may arise when transferring your plant to another pot with new soil.

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