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There are several martial arts but none have gained as much popularity in recent years as the grappling arts.
There are several martial arts but none have gained as much popularity in recent years as the grappling arts. Judo, Wrestling, Sambo, and Grapple Jiu jitsu lead the way when it comes to taking an opponent down and controlling them on the ground – maybe none more notable than Brazilian Jiu jitsu. After the Ultimate Fighting Challenge debuted in the early 90s, it was clear that the lack of ground combat techniques was a problem for many martial arts in a real world combat scenario.

In the early 1900s Mitsuyo Maeda taught the Gracie family the art of Judo in Brazil. Due to the smaller physical size of the Gracie brothers, Carlos and Helio, the Gracies evolved what they learned by focusing on ground scenarios and leverage. The techniques the developed mitigated the strength and size advantage many of their opponents had over them. They used dominant ground control to force opponents into submission with chokes and joint locks. They tested and refined the art in many real world fighting challenges against other martial arts. After continuous successful results, the Gracie family would bring the art to the rest of the world. It was then popularized after Royce Gracie showcased the art to a television audience at the first UFC, defeating all his opponents.

Today Jiu jitsu is enjoyed by much of the world as many of the high level Brazilian practitioners have moved to other countries to teach the art. While the best training will always be found in a gym with certified instructors, many practitioners refer to videos to pick up the latest techniques or look for additional details on techniques they’re focused on. There are great paid for bjj instructionals but there’s also a wealth of great instructionals that are free on sites like Youtube. How to Grapple, takes the best videos from Youtube and organizes them for viewers of all skill levels. No other martial art has advanced as fast as Jiu jitsu in the last 30 years, so keeping up with the latest techniques can be a challenge. How to grapple has the latest, the best, free Jiu jitsu instructionals on the internet. Learn Brazilian Jiu jitsu and all the grappling arts at https://howtograpple.com/.
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