Hipstar® Makes Way for Preventing Backpacker Injuries

Posted April 20, 2021 by hipstar879

Backpacks can cause more physical injuries to our body than we realize. This lesser-known problem has been addressed and ingeniously resolved with the advanced travel carts from HipStar®.
Backpacks can cause more physical injuries to our body than we realize. This lesser-known problem has been addressed and ingeniously resolved with the advanced travel carts from HipStar®. Their official website is https://hipstar.net/

Backpacks are one of the most commonly purchased products by people who love to travel. It is more convenient and comfortable to carry backpacks than big handbags or one-sided shoulder bags. Over the years, backpacking has grown into a culture in itself, especially among the younger crowds. They consider themselves as travelers rather than tourists.

Backpackers generally go on travel trips for longer durations, more or less like3 to 6 months. Since they venture out of their homes for such along time, they pay extra attention to meticulously using their funds. They will have to make sure that they don't run out of funds and cut short their holidays.

They usually stay at affordable places like hostels and home-stays, as it works out cheaper than staying at hotels. They also try to walk or take public transportation instead of hiring expensive cabs. Therefore, they end up carrying their backpacks frequently from one place to another.

Even though such traveling experiences sound thrilling and fun, they could pose a serious problem that most people do not foresee. By the time they get to know about it, they will have physically injured their body.
Many studies have pointed out the possible injuries caused by carrying heavy luggage for a prolonged time. Even a small muscle tear could cause cascading deterioration of other muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerve tissues, neck, shoulders, knees, ankles, or spine.

People don't realize how far and long they willbe carrying the luggage once they set off on a trip. They are too excited about traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures. Tugging bags with small wheels do not help either since those wheels are not designed for rough terrains. They might work fine in the cities.
HipStar LLC has been actively researching the aspect of long-term physical injuries caused due to carrying luggage for extended periods. After a lot of R&D, they have introduced innovative travel trolleys with hands-free features.
HipStar® travel trailer's highlights are fully adjustable, intuitively balanced, having shock absorbers, retractable kickstand, comfortable harness, and large wheels. It is also smartly engineered for effortless assembling and collapsing.

"There is no need for people to struggle with their luggage while traveling. Our trolleys help them in cutting down the effective weight to 1/10th of the actual weight. We encourage people to use the hiking trailers as an extension to their backpacks or other bags because it helps them avoid most of the travel-related physical injuries."- Igor Koshutin, CEO, HipStar LLC.

Travelers can easily tug these trolleys even on rough terrains. It also comes with a harness mechanism that allows people to walk hands-free with their luggage. Besides backpackers and travelers, the company promotes their trailersto other segments like physically challenged people, rescue operations, schools, hunters, fishermen, festival-goers, and many others. These cartswill become quite popular at summer camps too.

HipStar LLC is preparing for the crowdfunding campaign. The funds raised will go towards finalizing the product design of the mid-duty version. Then, initial inventory will be produced and delivered to various points of sale. Lastly, funds will go towards branding and marketing efforts.

The very early backers will receive an exclusive discount. Anyone interested in getting a considerable discount and early access to the HipStar crowdfunding campaign may go directly to www.hikingtrailer.net
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