Digital Gold Set to Roll-out Blockchain-Powered B2B Platform-A First of its Kind in the World's History

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A B2B Market place that is time & cost-efficient with swift & secure transactions.
(July 15, 2020): Perhaps we all know that blockchain powers the cryptocurrency, bitcoin. But there is more to the blockchain technology. There isn't one blockchain, and it can be replicated for use in any institution. 

Blockchain is revolutionizing the way data is stored. And that is one of the reasons why this technology is behind Digital Gold's B2B trading platform.

Easy B2B Trading

Understanding the grandness of blockchain will help you see how you stand to reap immense benefits from being a part of Digital Gold's B2B trading platform.

Premium Data Tracking

One of the key features of blockchain technology concerning the B2B market is how it stores data. The technology can be described as blocks of information connected by chains. When there is a need to update data, blockchain creates another block of information rather than replace the existing one.

Let's illustrate,

Assuming you bought a particular item x, the data is stored in a block that item x belongs to you. Peradventure, you have to sell x to someone else, rather than replace the ownership of x as belonging to the new buyer. Another block is created. This allows for easy tracking of data. Hence you can be assured that your business transactions are well recorded and untampered.

A System you can Trust

Talking about tampering, your business dealings on a blockchain platform cannot be altered because it is centralized. This means that data is replicated across an extensive network of computers. Therefore a B2B market place run on a blockchain is one that you can wholly trust. Proof of work on the blockchain means that all the computers are in sync for any information to be added to the network.

No Third Parties

No middlemen. Although this might come as a disadvantage to certain professionals, a B2B platform powered by blockchain will reduce cost and foster privacy in dealings. You wouldn't need a lawyer or banker to secure your contracts.

This blockchain innovation doesn't come as a surprise. Digital Gold's founder, Davide Malaguti, is a forward-thinking individual who has proven his digital savvy in various capacities.

Digital Gold is solving the significant challenges that B2B buyers and sellers face. The B2B Market place currently faces issues such as slow matching of dealers accompanied by delayed transactions to make matters worse.

Although the advent of the internet had made the exchange and trading of goods and services more comfortable than when it was solely based on personal negotiation, Digital Gold will make the B2B trading experience even less stressful.

How the Digital Gold System works

Join — Use — Hold
Digital Gold's platform will allow it's users to perform three necessary actions; Join, Use and Hold. But what are you holding? Digital Gold tokens. This is the form of tender on the platform.

When users join the platform, they are entitled to between 0.5% to 7% of the previous turnover. However, they can purchase more as they deem fit. The user can use the tokens to buy goods and services at any time. The users will have their tokens in personal wallets on the platform, and the tokens can appreciate in value.

The Management

Behind every successful founder is… Apparently, the saying doesn’t exist. But the Digital Gold Founder Davide Malaguti is surrounded by optimists like himself. Some of the men he has achieved this B2B blockchain trading feat with are Mauro Andriotto, and the CEO Dr. Stefan Oglesby.

David Malaguti is a renowned business coach with a strong passion for matters of finance. He has founded six companies which collaborate to provide finance and trainings under the “Golden group”

Regarding Matters of blockchain and crypto, Mauro Andriotto is a guru. As a professor of cooperate finance and enterprise risk management in several institutions his role in making this B2B market platform a success cannot be overstated.

As any business is highly dependent on consumer satisfaction and experience, CEO, Stefan Oglesby is a gem. He currently involved in projects bothering on the potential of blockchain for data privacy and validation.

As the idea of the Internet of Things goes on to become more established, B2B Dealers can benefit immensely from fast transactions, quick matching with dealers, and improved privacy where the blockchain network is the intermediary between buyers and sellers.

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