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We focus on making dried and preserved flower arrangements, to providing you an alternative choice to fresh flowers, with low maintence but long-lasting.
Everlasting flowers in New Zealand, We focus on making dried and preserved flower arrangements, to providing you an alternative choice to fresh flowers, with low maintence but long-lasting.
Dried Flower Glass Dome is our first collection of products. It lasts so much longer than fresh flowers, that will bring you a new decoration to your home or make the perfect everlasting gifts to someone.
Going forward, more collections will be added to our list, please stay tunned!
What is Preserved Flower?
Preserved flowers, also known as “everlasting flower”, it originated in France in the 90s and later become popular in Japan. Preserved flowers are 100% natural flowers. They are made with a unique process of dehydration, decolorization, colouring, and drying to retain their original softness, shape, and lustre, and prolong the life of fresh flowers.
Everlasting flowers, also known as dried flowers or preserved flowers, are popular for their long-lasting beauty and the ability to retain their shape and color over an extended period. These flowers are commonly used in various floral arrangements, decorations, and crafts.
In New Zealand, you can find everlasting flowers at various flower shops, florists, and craft stores. They are often used in floral arrangements for special occasions, home decor, and even weddings. As with any other country, the availability of specific types of everlasting flowers may vary depending on the season and local demand.
The types of everlasting flowers you can commonly find in New Zealand include:
Strawflowers (Helichrysum bracteatum): These are popular everlasting flowers due to their bright and vibrant colors, and they dry beautifully.
Statice (Limonium spp.): Statice is another commonly used dried flower with small, colorful blooms that retain their shape well when dried.
Billy Buttons (Craspedia globosa): Known for their unique round shape and bright yellow color, billy buttons are a popular choice for dried flower arrangements.
Lavender (Lavandula spp.): While lavender is primarily grown for its fragrant blooms, the flowers can also be dried and used in everlasting arrangements.
Gomphrena (Gomphrena globosa): Gomphrena flowers come in various colors and dry well, making them suitable for dried flower crafts.
Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus spp.): Although not technically flowers, eucalyptus leaves are commonly used in dried flower arrangements for their aromatic properties and attractive color.
If you are interested in purchasing everlasting flowers in New Zealand, consider visiting local flower shops, markets, or craft stores. You can also explore online floral retailers that offer dried flower arrangements and supplies for various crafting projects. Additionally, some florists might offer drying services for fresh flowers, allowing you to preserve your favorite blooms for long-lasting enjoyment.
As of my last update in September 2021, preserved or everlasting flowers have gained popularity worldwide, including New Zealand. Preserved flowers are natural flowers that undergo a preservation process to maintain their appearance, texture, and color for an extended period, allowing them to be used in various floral arrangements and decorations without wilting or drying out.
preserved flowers in New Zealand ,In New Zealand, you can find preserved flowers at specialized flower shops, florists, and online retailers. These preserved flowers come in a wide range of colors and varieties, offering a long-lasting alternative to fresh cut flowers for various occasions.
When looking for preserved flowers in New Zealand, consider the following options:
Local Florists and Flower Shops: Visit nearby florists or flower shops that specialize in preserved flower arrangements. They may have a selection of pre-made bouquets, wreaths, and decorative displays.
Online Retailers: Many online retailers in New Zealand offer preserved flower arrangements and DIY preserved flower supplies. You can explore various options and have them delivered to your doorstep.
Craft Stores: Some craft stores and home decor shops may also carry preserved flowers or supplies for creating your arrangements.
Flower Markets and Events: Check out local flower markets, craft fairs, or flower-related events, as they may have vendors selling preserved flowers and arrangements.
Keep in mind that the availability of specific types of preserved flowers may vary depending on the season and demand. Additionally, prices may vary depending on the size of the arrangement, type of flowers used, and the preservation technique.
To ensure that you are getting high-quality preserved flowers, it's essential to inquire about the preservation process used by the seller and check customer reviews and testimonials if you are purchasing online. Additionally, some preserved flowers may come in attractive display cases or glass domes, making them perfect for long-lasting decorative pieces in your home or as unique gifts for loved ones.
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