How Gondola Shelving has become popular?

Posted October 18, 2020 by gondolashelves

Gondola Shelving has provided storeowners of all types with varied display options which are versatile, affordable and durable.
Gondola Shelving has provided storeowners of all types with varied display options which are versatile, affordable and durable. These systems have the ability to fit into almost any retail scenario regardless of merchandise or customer demographic available in different materials, sizes and finishes. Choosing the perfect gondola system has the potential to be highly exciting.

Identifying layout is the first step towards making a gondola system work well for the store. In fact, the decision to use gondolas vs. slatwall, wood shelving and grid or custom fixtures depends on a great deal on what you are actually planning to display.

The greater volume of product you have, the more wall Gondola shelving you should use. You will find plethora of gondola systems utilized heavily in supermarkets, dollar stores and convenience stores. Retail situations need the simultaneous display and storage of many items on the same shelf.

While choosing the shelves, you should consider the height of gondolas. The taller the gondola system, the more space you can use to your stock. One has to accept the fact that height has its disadvantages as taller gondolas decrease customer visibility and lead to a huge theft risk.

Residential shelving options have a varied alternative to offer. There is no need of Gondola shelving at homes. And the basic purpose of these shelves is to put the products on display, store and organize them properly. Undoubtedly, it’s a more effective option than wire wine shelf and various other options. The presentation definitely holds the eyes of customers as well as shoppers. With the help of pegboards, you can enable the retailers to hang products onto them.

The center aisles have double-sided shelves and the one-sided ones are installed near the walls in a retail establishment. They are considered as solid installations in a retail layout. There is plethora of sizing options being offered in the market. No matter, you are planning to opt for black Gondola shelves or any other variety, Gondola Shelves has varied options to offer.

It has been observed that other options don’t live up to the standards where the gondola does. In fact, it’s all about customization. The peg boards, extensions, end caps, base decks and the shelves, they render the versatility with customization. They explore a variety of layout options. One should understand the dimensions, need and capacity before ordering the Gondola shelving parts is important. For more relevant options, you can simply log onto

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