WonderAir Introduces a Revolutionary Platform for Transfering Data and Networking

Posted May 14, 2019 by ggmedia

People need a more secure system to support their virtual activities. WonderAir is offering a secure platform along with WON and sophisticated features.
Transferring information online has many risks such as viruses, identity theft, errors, and more. WonderAir is trying to solve this problem by creating a platform with blockchain and smart contract technology. The transmit process is supported by WON or WonderAir Cryptographic Coin to make sure that the information can be sent safely and quickly.

The platform uses the role of the WonderAir blockchain where users not only saving the transactions and information but also get extra protection to prevent a various risks. Moreover, the WON ecosystem is also developed along with data encryption and privacy protection. Therefore, the platform has a high level of strength and reliability with the help of the security algorithms. Another great thing about WON is the use of a revolutionary system known as WON brainpower. WON brainpower is the next level of data analysis system using Artificial Intelligence technology. Because of this technology, the users can get the best data analysis such as mathematical analysis models.

Interestingly the system is not only for the systems that are also supported by AI but also for third parties who have not use AI technology. The developer is trying to develop a flexible platforms where users can easily communicate with other users. Due to this goal, WON was designed along with point-to-point node information propagation node. Because of this feature, WON’s users can communicate while using the platform and upload data.

WON works not only for transferring data, but also to store safely. To achieve it, this platform was developed along with block-chained data structures. The structure is installed in the memory so the platform can store the data safely. The most interesting part is the W5R multi-layer ring encryption algorithm. The function aims to give extra protection, especially on the privacy information for the users with large assets.

Since WonderAir uses blockchain technology, this platform is also supported by cryptocurrency or tokens in the operation. The token is WON and given to several parties such as private equity investment, foundation, ecological construction, team, and strategic candy. In the future, the platform will be used for several popular applications including games, tourism, transportation, certification, insurance, and many more. As a result, the users can make a smart transaction and social network with blockchain technology and more people understand the advantages of using this platform in the virtual world.

About WonderAir Blockchain Network:
WonderAir Blockchain Network is a platform developed with blockchain technology. It’s designed for various functions including transferring data and networks. The activity is also supported by WON or WonderAir Cryptographic Coin, data encryption system, and privacy protection system.

For more information, please visit: https://wonderair.org/
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