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Posted April 21, 2018 by gabrielfulton

Cyprus is the ideal location for those who want to incorporate a private or offshore company. This is because of the agreeable tax structure and simple procedures.
Cyprus is the ideal location for those who want to incorporate a private or offshore company. This is because of the agreeable tax structure and simple procedures. There are certain steps to follow to achieve company registration Cyprus and if you don’t want to handle everything on your own, there are always attorneys willing to help from the beginning, including opening bank accounts.

From the beginning it is good to know that Cyprus is a free market economy and business owners and entrepreneurs have great opportunities at their disposal for opening a branch and efficient tax planning. As a matter of fact, the location has gained a reputation worthy of its name, being known as having the most beneficial tax system in the European Union. Business owners can open up a company of any type here. There are certain company registration Cyprus forms that individuals can choose from, such as Private Limited Company, Company Limited by Guarantee or public company. People can incorporate businesses with the help of lawyers, especially if they are unable to travel to the country so often to go through all procedures.

The first step is choosing a lawyer that is licensed within the country and which can prepare all documentation and declaration forms. Based on your needs, you should focus on hiring someone that can complete all steps or get involved as much as you want. The fees for such services depend on the professionals you hire in the end and the services you count on. You can ask as many questions as you want and the law firm will respond, giving you valuable insight on what it takes to incorporate a company. There are several declarations and forms that require filling and once you succeed with them, the process afterwards is quite straightforward. Of course, it helps having someone reliable and experienced by your side, to avoid any faults and delays. It simplifies the process and the specialist can resolve issues faster.

The registration forms require valuable information that you need to know in advance. Some of it includes the passport details and the addresses of the proposed directors, the company’s address, bank accounts and references letters or statements, how the nominal share capital is divided. In case the company is a public one, the share capital needs to be higher. Finding a name for the company is essential and you can verify is the name already exists in the country. The entire process can take up to one month and it is often reduced if all formalities are completed correctly and if the name is chosen from a pre-approved list. An attorney can help with these aspects, making sure that you have everything right from the beginning. It is true that some individuals have a hard time trusting someone outside the business, but if you take the time to find someone trustworthy, licensed and registered, it should not be a problem.

As soon as all documents are approved, the incorporation process does not take too long to complete, usually around one month. The certificate is delivered by the courier and you will then have the proof that the legitimate offshore business is ready to open its gates. For the private limited company, the certificate mentions the date of the incorporation, the name and other details. It happens in many cases for business owners or prospective owners to have other branches and not be able to travel to the company often. This means they are unable to check all paperwork and make any modifications.

Usually, this leads to delays and it is not something that they desire. The good news is that there are law firms in Cyprus which are very experienced and deal with company formation on a regular basis, knowing everything there is about the subject. Even after the company is formed, lawyers can help with administrative services, including payroll, auditing, tax planning, opening virtual offices and a lot more. The idea is finding someone ahead of time and evaluating several options is recommended. You can always find out if a law firm is well-based and what services it provides. Looking online is a good point to start, as law firms advertise their services in the online environment.

Are you planning on expanding your business or opening a new one? If you don’t know the location exactly, don’t hesitate about Cyprus. This law firms specializes in company registration Cyprus ( ) . You can find out everything there is upon the subject and what is required, including information on bank accounts ( ) .
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