What are the Easiest Jobs for 16 years old Teens with a Good Payment?

Posted August 28, 2020 by fratress

In developed countries, teenagers of 16-year-olds can have an independent life. They can manage finances by working after school sessions.
In developed countries, teenagers of 16-year-olds can have an independent life. They can manage finances by working after school sessions. This concept sounds very interesting since it inspires many teenagers to become more responsible and to start earning money. There are many available jobs without the necessity of obtaining a college, which is suitable for 16 years old teenagers. Although many organizations are against child labor, this article will guide teenagers to select safe employment that will not affect their grades and make them subject to exploitation.

I. Jobs Derived from Hobbies:

Teenagers of 16 years old are supposed to be very active. The majority of them should be interested in hobbies like drawing, painting, or gaming. In recent days, jobs based on entertaining activities are run by teenagers, who converted their hobbies into lucrative employment. These jobs can take different aspects. They can be manual work like printing on mugs, T-shirts, or crafting decorative items, like making frames, cushions, or accessories. They can also be related to electronic devices like gaming. All these jobs put less effort into teenagers since they do these activities as part of the entertainment.

II. Part-time Jobs

There are many job opportunities for students or teenagers, which provide an unusual amount of pocket money, with a flexible time table. These jobs make part of the general labor that can be taken on holidays.

1. Retail Jobs

We wrote an article on retail job positions and the chain of work associated with retail. In this field, many job positions do not require a college degree. They are also fit to 16-year-old teenagers, who are not able to attend a full-time job. These jobs can include cashier duties or taking care of department stores. The skills required for these sections are good accounting and computing skills to maintain expenses or security tasks. Moreover, retail jobs for teenagers depend on the specific branch, which the teenage worker can do. They can be very varied as they may include cashier or stocker position. If math skills are absent, the smallest retail work can be related to cleaning tasks at mall stores.

2. Grocery Store Work:

Many16-year-old teenagers are found working at grocery stores. Whether it was a family project or not, grocery store jobs are a bit similar to retail jobs. However, it is less developed, since it's not using cash machines or cameras and a high-security system. Teenage work inside groceries can be based on dealing with clients such as customer service tasks.

3. Catering Jobs

Restaurants and caf├ęs are places, in which we can find workers of 16 year olds teenagers. Jobs in such places are based on different tasks. Teenagers can work as waiters or servants. They can also operate in the process of food preparation, such as bakers or preparing for event meals, like wedding dinners, birthday cakes, or any other celebratory occasions. They can also work as a cashier for these catering spaces. Lower job positions can be related to cleaning tasks such as cleaning tables or inside the restaurant kitchen as a dishwasher.

4. Shipping or Delivery Jobs

Many companies or parcel delivery services firms hire teenagers to take the clients orders and send them goods to their own address. Teenagers who have a driver's license or at least a motorbike can apply for delivery jobs. This job is based on knowing people's locations and address very well and delivering goods at a specific deadline.

5. Freelance Jobs

These are the most comfortable jobs as they operate from home via a laptop and an internet connection. Many freelance jobs are skill-based jobs that do not even require a degree or higher qualification. Teenagers can work at home in many fields such as digital marketing, typing or data entry jobs, tutoring jobs, or they can even start their own business online and build their blog or website for lucrative earnings. For more information, check these links;

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6. Library Assistant

This field can be similar to grocery store work, where teenagers have the task of maintaining bookshelves, borrowing, or selling books. For example, a library offers many benefits for teenagers as they work and entertain themselves by reading books. Libraries are immaculate and silent spaces that can be very safe for teenagers, even though they are not offering a strong payment. If you are an organized person and can take good care of books, this job is good for you.

7. Metro/ Bus Station work

In stations for railways, buses, or any other means of transport, some stations hire teenagers for selling tickets or selling any other goods for travelers. These jobs are not highly paid. However, they can offer interesting pocket money.

8. Seasonal and Summer Jobs

Some teenagers cannot find part-time jobs in their regions. Therefore, they wait for holidays to apply for seasonal work or summer holiday jobs. Usually, these jobs are based on full-time work. They can operate in many fields such as customer service jobs, sales agents, assistant agents, and many other occupations requiring full-time attendance. Seasonal work can operate in companies, hotels, or organizations.

9. Jobs as Event Planners

These jobs require good public reviews and advertisements to get event projects. For example, teenagers can use social media to illustrate their ability to taking event planning projects. It can even take part in interior design jobs such as providing decoration for events, wrapping gifts, or book a space for a specific event or ceremony.

10. Office Clerk

Some companies or institutions hire teenagers for office clerk work. These jobs are based on a variety of duties, such as organizing files and printing documents. They can also be based on communication skills to take phone calls related to many purposes, such as taking appointments or inquiring about services. Clerk jobs do not require a degree other than good communicative and computing skills. If you are a teenager, you can easily get the necessary skills to work in several offices as a clerk. An office like banks, firms, or other small businesses can hire students or teenagers to respond to phone calls and maintain customers.

These are the 10 possible jobs for teenagers that do not require a degree or a higher qualification. They can be safe and lucrative depending on the place, the duration of work or projects that teenagers can do. For more careers related to students, check these articles:
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