Three ways to discovery what fitness is right for you

Posted December 5, 2020 by FlorenceAMoss

Curated virtual fitness content researched, reviewed, categorized, and archived for the busy mom. Find workouts from someone, who's done them.
Not everyone enjoys working out. Most people don't. What I would guess though, is that most of those people misunderstand themselves. For whatever reason, they don't prioritize fitness into their life. Many probably believe they just wouldn't enjoy it at all. But that's where they are wrong.

The problem is more likely that they haven't discovered the KIND of fitness that they can enjoy. Elevating your heart rate and straining your muscles against a load doesn't sound fun at face value. But there are hundreds, if not thousands of fitness routines out there to choose from. Some people argue there are better methods than others, but what's the point?

The point is to get moving, at least 30 minutes every other day or so. It's not hard.. if you find the kind of fitness that you ENJOY.

1. Consider your childhood play

Every child plays, and all run around occasionally. When you were a child you ran because you WANTED to. Children run, but they bounce, slide, duck, jump, and dash too. They're having FUN doing it most of the time too! What made you dash and jump when you were a child? Believe it or not, there is probably a fitness program out there that incorporates some of those same elements.

2. Try a free class

Almost every gym, fitness center, globo gym, or box offer free classes. Try one! There's nothing to lose but a few hundred calories. Use a search engine like Goolge, or Bing [hyperlink those] to find the closest gym near you. Chances are there is a half dozen, or more!

3. See what other people are saying about

Believe it or not, there are people out there that actually will do a workout and write a review about it. They will put in the time and sweat to try a class just so you can a first hand account before jumping into one yourself. The best part, is it's mostly online content that you can do right from your own home!

Upside Up is just one example. The blogger, Molly, is a Librarian by profession who curates virtual fitness content. It's researched, reviewed, categorized, and archived. Are you a busy mom? Or just a busy person? Find workouts from someone, who’s done them.
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