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Photocopiers are one of the equipment that are mostly used in the office.
That's why they need regular servicing or else the demand can lead to copy problem such as cartridge and toner issues, paper jams, streaks or lines on paper, discoloured printing, random spots across your prints and wrinkled pages. Technology has made it possible that even the most common photocopier problems can usually be fixed in minutes. It's very important you service your copier, because servicing does not only lenghten the life of your copier but ensures you don't have to troubleshoot any problem.
Below are common problems in Photocopiers and how to fix them
1. Random spots across copies
No business owner would want their professional documents looking like a dot to dot. So if you are experiencing random spots in your printing, they may be some debris present on the copy mirror. This can be easily fixed by just cleaning the copy glass and mirror. You can also use the manual that comes with it because most of them do have recommendation for how to go about it the cleaning and even suggest which product to use. Whenever you experience random spots on your copies, it means that your office copier needs a little more maintenance and servicing than it's been getting. Its very important to get your photocopier all fixed up because they are essential tools for completing daily office task, so it's good you leghten their lifespan by investing in regular servicing and maintenance.
2. Discoloured printing
It can be very frustrating to deal with poor image quality, smudges, or discoloured printing in a busy office environment. If you notice that your copies are coming out light or too dark, it could mean that the density controlling your photocopier is imbalanced. You can either call a copier specialist to get expert advice or you go through the manual to find out how to reset them.
3. Wrinkled pages
This are normally due to work out feed and exit rollers that cause jamming or sticking. To resolve this issue, you can either enlist a copy specialist to repair the fuser assembly or purchase replacement trays. You may see it as just some paper getting stuck in your machine, but the truth is that wrinkled pages often indicates that your copier has endured too much wear and tear to be functioning well. If this isn't just the only issue you are experiencing with your photocopier, then you need to consider buying or renting a new machine. Nowadays we have modern machines due to increase in technology advancement. This has also made repairs and maintenance of outdated machines become more costly. One of the best investment you can also do is by upgrading all your office equipments in other to meet your increasing printing and copying needs.

4. Lines on paper
If there are always lines, streaks or other deformities on your copiers production. This kind of printouts can make your important documents look sloppy and unprofessional. Most of the reasons why streaks or lines appear on paper is often because there are issues with the Photocopiers fusion or foreign substances on the scanner glass. Malfunctioning drums are also commonly associated with multifunctional machines. Lines or streaks on paper is unlikely to be a copier issue you can resolve yourself. So it's best you get your copy machine serviced by a good copier specialist that can identify and repair the problem quickly.
5. Toner and cartridge issues
This issues are normally because the photocopier has not been set up correctly. If you don't use the right toner cartridge for your specific printer model, problems like this usually arise because most copy machines require a particular type of toner. Therefore, if you keep on using an incompatible cartridge, the quality of your prints will drastically reduce. Malfunctioning toner issues can destroy your photocopier especially when it's low or empty. To resolve this issue, you can just simply replace the toner and if still doesn't work, it means there is a malfunctioning issue due to compatibility complications or manufacturer error. You can enquire from a trusted copy specialist on the type of toner or cartridge you need. That would help you know the kind if toner that's it's compatible with your machine.
6. Paper jams
Paper jams are very disturbing during office hours, and the worst part is that they normally happen at the worst possible times. The reasons why they occur is because of the use of wrong type or thickness of paper, allowing dust to build inside the copier, loading the paper wrongly etc. Paper jam normally occur whenever anyone stack too many pages in the supply reservoir. To resolve this, you will have to correct the paper alignment or manually remove the jammed part and reload the proper paper size. Do this carefully so you won't leave tiny torn pieces of paper stuck in your photocopier.
Below are cheap photocopiers that can be repaired easily:
1. Kyocera TASKalfa 9002i
Speed: 90ppm
Dimensions: 41.45" x 26.97" x 31.10"
This is a multifunctional printer that was created for high volume workspace. It has a good reliability and comes with many features. It can accept a paper weight of 166-lbs and has copy features that includes page numbering, blank page options and hard copy.

2. Canon imageRUNNER advance 6575i II
Speed: 75 ppm
Dimensions: 48" x 26-3/8" x 30-5/8"
This is one of the best copier machine for small business, because of it's flawless reliability. It's a perfect choice for users who depends on their machines having reduced downtime. It's best suitable for a multi-user environment whereby different kinds of jobs and files are regularly sent to machines. Furthermore it was created to work suitable with mobile devices, Canons third-party solutions and offer cloud-based service. It also has good security features that would help keep your files safe.
3. Sharp MX-M7570
Speed: 75 ppm
Dimensions: 48" x 26" x 30-1/2"
This is perfect for large offices that needs to print high volume of copies daily. This kind of device is capable of delivering better reliability for any kind of office environments that needs a machine that can deliver good quality image results. It's great for small businesses that requires a specific amount of printing daily/monthly.

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