Mahayogi Shiva Brass Sculpture in Samadhi

Posted July 15, 2021 by exoticindiaart

Shiva in his meditation is a form of his Samadhi where he is fully aware of the self and the world at the same time.
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Shiva in his meditation is a form of his Samadhi where he is fully aware of the self and the world at the same time. It is believed that Shiva in his meditation gains that yogic power that is required to take care of the entire universe. This brass sculpture displays the most generous aspects of Lord Shiva, having that calmness and peace on his face. The satisfactory smile represents his success over suppressing the evils from his devotees’ lives. He sits on the Tiger skin laden on Mount Kailash with his palms overlapped on one another, resting on his laps. Notice how smoothly the sculptor has managed to carve out his folded legs and hands, also in their proper shape. Even the fingers are neatly chiseled with finger lines’; focusing on the sculptor’s bent towards perfection and precision.
The Supreme Being is adorned in a tiger skin dhoti along with the sacred Rudraksha mala that decorates his neck and arms and long kundals in his ears. Shiva sits in Samadhi with all his iconic symbols and implements intact- serpent coiled around his neck, the crescent moon decorated on his fine matted hair locks, and the trident and damru carved beside him. Zoom in to the beautiful chisels on the serpent’s body directing us towards the sculptor’s love for creativity.
We have for you an amazing collection of two different shades of Lord Shiva Samadhi Sculptures; one is the popularly demanded natural brass, having all his features neatly and visible and the other is a unique combination of brown and gold, where the body is carved in a chocolaty brown tone and all the accessories, symbols and implements are highlighted in a striking golden touch. Both the colors are a marvelous attraction in their kind, choose whichever you like!

Mahayogi Shiva Brass Sculpture :
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