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Posted October 26, 2020 by drbarrynelson

For this kind of problem, surgical intervention is rarely needed.
With the increasing numbers of cars on the road, road accidents have become a common problem in today’s time. Rash driving, improper safety measures on the road and slippery surfaces are known to be the most common causes of road accidents. Many times, this causes serious injuries. But people who get minor injuries are considered lucky on this planet but they may require specialized medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Car accidents can cause a variety of serious injuries that require specialized medical treatment and rehabilitation. Aside from minor cut, some minor injuries that one can experience include back and spinal cord injuries. These may result in tension or loss of sensation. Proper diagnosis help in knowing the actual source of your pain.

Neck and shoulder injuries are widely reported, with whiplash being the most common within this category. Knowing the most common injuries and treating it with a renowned chiropractor can help you get best care after a car accident. Some of the best care Chiropractor in Indian Wells, CA can offer you include:

Whiplash - This kind of injuries are characterized by tightness, pain, muscle spasms in the shoulders or upper back, pain with neck movement and burning or tightening in the affected area. A chiropractor can help you to come out of such problems using various approaches including manipulation, muscle relaxation and stimulation, different forms of exercises and making changes in lifestyle. Regular use of seat belt can also strain wrench the shoulders, resulting in muscle tears.

Dashboard Knee – A knee injury that often seen after car crashes is the bent of your knees like the dashboard. The injury may include ACL tears, cartilage damage, or chondromalacia of the patella - pain and irritation of the underside of the kneecap.

Bulged or herniated discs – For this kind of problem, surgical intervention is rarely needed. Visit a chiropractor who can prescribe you medications and make use of necessary tool that can correct your disc injuries.

Usually it has seen that neck pain, neck spasms and neck stiffness are caused because of trauma brought by damage in the soft tissues. A best chiropractor can help you come out of such problems. Let’s glimpse over how a chiropractor can help you in car accident treatment.

• Carefully examines his patient to control the pain and its core cause.
• Perform evaluation based on physical, orthopedic and neurologic examinations
• Take required X-rays to determine specific joint dysfunction
• Perform arrays of tests such as nerve conduction, C-rays and MRI etc. to know about the injuries and ensure treatment thoroughly.
• Propose arrays of alternatives so that you get the best treatment to cure your pain soon.

So, consult a renowned car accident injuries treatment specialist who know to evaluate your initial symptoms, suggest possible treatment options and help you to come out of such frightening experience ensuring you need not to suffer long-term effects.

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