7 Questions Warehouse Owners/Managers Should Ask A Cleaning Service

Posted April 20, 2021 by davids6981172

You already understand the importance of hiring a warehouse cleaning service, but how do you discern which one is the right company for your facility?
7 Questions Warehouse Owners/Managers Should Ask A Cleaning Service

You already understand the importance of hiring a warehouse cleaning service, but how do you discern which one is the right company for your facility? Before a commitment to any warehouse and distribution center cleaning service, it’s essential to do some research. You want any company you hire to have the experience you need to keep your employees safe.

There are seven key questions to ask these companies before you hire one for your warehouse:

What Industries/Facilities Have You Serviced Previously/Currently?

Every business is different, which means their needs are different. The commercial cleaning services that work for one business may not work for another. Be sure you learn how much experience they have with your industry and business type. For a warehouse, a cleaning service should have the experience and tools to safely clean your facility.

If you own a healthcare facility, you want the cleaning company to understand and abide by healthcare officials’ guidelines. These are guidelines that are specific to your particular industries.

Reputable commercial cleaning services are more than happy to provide you with examples of their experience. They’ll decline any job they don’t feel comfortable taking unless they know with certainty that they have the right equipment and people to handle the job effectively.

Do You Have A Safety Policy In Place?

Reputable warehouse cleaning services are worried about keeping their people and your employees safe just as much as you are. Before you hire any service, learn what safety policies they have. The best company is one that has trained employees on OSHA regulations and who understand the safety issues.

Every cleaning service should come out and do an on-site visit to see the possible safety problems. If they don’t, move on. The best ones would like to know what safety issues could be at the facility to ensure they prepare their staff to stay safe on the job site.

Safety is always the main priority for reputable business cleaning services, offering safety training, implementing safety policies and working with you on a host of safety issues that affect their services.

How Will You Handle Our Privacy and Confidentiality?

You want your business’ information to be kept private and confidential, so make sure that you find a business cleaning service that takes this as seriously as you do. No matter what your business’ industry is in, you want a provider that hires people who understand how important it is for your private information to remain private. Have them sign an NDA, have policies that address confidentiality and privacy issues and have trained their employees to be respectful of your facilities/offices.

Reputable cleaning services will have no problem addressing your concerns about confidentiality and privacy.

How Are Employees Screened?

You want to make sure any cleaning service you hire screens their employees to ensure they are not putting your company or customers at risk. A reputable cleaning service will carry out background checks and conduct an in-depth hiring process. With a thorough background check, you know that the cleaning service is serious about their business and clients.

The key is to hire a cleaning service that is focused on quality people, not desperate-for-work individuals.

What Kinds of Services Do You Provide?

Every company is different in the services they provide for cleaning. Make a list of things you’d like to have done by the cleaning company and find those companies that fit most of them. You can always reach out to companies to see if they can carry out tasks that they don’t specifically advertise.

One service that businesses tend to overlook include parking lot sweeping services. This is a service that commercial cleaning services often don’t provide, but it is essential that you pick up your parking lot to boost your image. It also helps keep your employees and customers safe (as they won’t be tripping over anything).

Never assume a warehouse cleaning service automatically provides this service.

Other services to ask companies you’re considering include:

• ULV Fogging Services
• Floor Stripping and Polishing
• HEPA Vacuuming
• Deep Carpet Cleaning

What Sustainable Practices Do You Use, If Any?

Be sure to find out what cleaning services use eco-friendly products that are safe for you, your staff, customers and visitors. Make sure they use a process that ensures a clean facility and reduce the chance for adverse effects on the environment. Find out if their employees have been taught to reduce waste that could potentially harm the environment.

You can see a boost in your bottom line when the cleaning service you hire using eco-friendly methods to clean your facility. It promotes a better working environment for the employees and decreases stress on the local infrastructure.

Is Your Company Insured and Bonded?

Accidents are going to happen, regardless of the company you do business with. It’s just a fact of life. Be sure the company you hire will take responsibility should one of their employees causes or is involved in an accident. Ask them if they have insurance and are bonded. This protects your business in the case something unexpected happens.

If a cleaning company has liability insurance, a fidelity bond, workers compensation insurance and umbrella insurance, you can feel confident that the business is serious about its services. Overlook doing business with any warehouse cleaning service that has yet to become insured or bonded.

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