Hot new release Ra Vrs Rait By Wala Why makes headlines

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Hot new release Ra Vrs Rait By Wala Why makes headlines
Wala Why is an artist with a remarkable ability to weave lyrics, melody, and ideas. He addresses real issues that are prevalent in life and controversial. It’s his vocal ability that makes these issues approachable and authentic as well as something which doesn’t feel forced upon the listeners. His new album Ra Vrs Rait, displays all of his abilities. He weaves lyrics and politics. Racism is discussed; money is also a common theme. Addiction and struggles with drugs is also in this album. He brings up all of these topics along with the emotions of loss, love and triumph.

An Album that has caused the internet to buzz

Live and Learn (Solider) is an example of triumph. Wala Why in this song is displaying his missteps in life and how he has learned from them. I’m Da Man shows how he has grown also. How he has grown into a man who he wanted to be. Someone who is able to provide and bring in money is a man essentially. Addiction is a topic in the song in the straightforward titled Addiction as well as Why She Love Me (Drugs). The piece clearly states that the reason why she loves him is because of the drugs. Shine Bright Forever is an additional song about the subject matter. It’s more about his blessings now due in life with all his dreams coming true. Wala Why also sings about being stuck in his head. The piece My Mind is about his mental health and worries that he has. Racism is another issue he brings up. This is oftentimes a touchy issue, but he confronts it head on. I Have a Dream, is a song which references Martin Luther King’s famous speech. It’s about the fight for equality not supremacy. Fd Up (Shooshi) is also about race and how everything and everyone is messed up. These are hard facts of life, but he addresses them clearly.

Thought provoking lyrics from a seasoned lyrical professor

His new album Ra Vrs Rait speaks for itself. Many of the songs are straightforward and Wala Why makes his message clear. The cover draws you in; the sun and the moon is the focus of the cover. It reflects the balance that Wala Why has set out to achieve with his album. A balance of ideas, lyrics, and sound, this balance is also represented in the yin and yang symbol that is on the cover. Half of the yin and yang is the sun; the other half is filled with the moon. His new album is a great balance of sound, lyrics and his vocal ability.

He weaves the string of ideas seamlessly with his effective lyrics. He is based in Las Vegas he brings together all sorts of musical styles seamlessly. Hip hop, Rap, R&B, Afro-trap and Afro-beat music. All of these styles contribute in making Wala Why’s music successful, different, and interesting and something great to listen to. His skill and ability stems from his passion for his art. His passion is very clear and is a driving force in his success and the true sound of his music. The messages that he is sending is made very concise and effective

Wala Why continues to demonstrate his uniqueness and show his dominance in 2018. With the year coming to an end you’d be smart to grab his album and see what he has in store for 2019 . Make sure you grab Ra Vrs Rait on iTunes at and feel the vibes.
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