Four Options for Porch Roofs that Cover with Old Metal Shingles

Posted September 9, 2022 by caollins897

Vintage home owners want to preserve their tin shingle roofs. There are not metal shingles available that can match the texture.
Vintage home owners want to preserve their tin shingle roofs. There are not metal shingles available that can match the texture, size and shadowing of the embossed Tin shingles from 1870-1930. There are solutions that will meet both budget and appearance requirements.

The porch is often the most difficult for homeowners of homes with embossed metal roofs. The porch is the most frequently trampled. The shingles have been trampled by painters who have put ladders on them. They have been climbed on by children. It is common to see damaged porch tin roof shingles.

Because of excessive damage, metal shingle roofs may require a different maintenance approach than upper roofs.

These are the four options:

1. An example of this is a historic district owner who was faced with a serious dilemma. The porch's roof leaking into the living room of the homeowner was a serious problem. The local historical society rejected any attempt to replace the roof without using the same metal shingles. She could not afford new shingles because of her budget.

The owner was faced with the dilemma of balancing her priorities between appearance, performance, and budget.

She chose to 1) stop the leakage from her living room and 2) avoid a conflict with the local historic society. The fully reinforced system was used with restoration green acrylic to achieve this goal. This system is made up of four layers acrylic with mesh between the two coating layers.

The approach was appropriate for this particular situation. The porch roof looks good from the driveway. The appearance problem with the roof surface was resolved because the main entrance is at the back. The leakage problem was also solved.

2. Standing seam panels have been a popular choice as a porch roof. There are many reasons for this: Standing seam panels and shingles both are traditional roofing materials. The metal shingles look great together with traditional standing seam panels. This approach is cheaper than buying new shingles.

3. Modern asphalt shingles are often not the best solution. However, most homeowners will admit that they do not like the look. These porches are often exposed to tin roofs so the cheapest option is to paint the porch asphalt shingles the same acrylic color as the metal tin roofing. The colors will tie together on the different roofs. For more additinal info visit

4. A smooth, rolled roofing system is another option. Next, coat the rubber or mineral roofing with acrylic of the embossed Tin shingles. One customer applied an acrylic tint to her porch roof that accented her trim on her stone house.

Although metal shingle roofing is more expensive than traditional shingle roofing, it's still cheaper in the long-term. The homeowner will see years of savings in energy costs when they have energy efficiency as a second benefit. The total system offers better insulation and reflects the sun's ultraviolet rays back into air.

Special coatings keep your attic cool in summer and help with snow melting in winter. This results in savings of up to 20% on your heating and cooling costs.

The metal shingle roof has advanced a lot from the old tin roofs. You can match the old decorative tiles with modern technology to maintain the Victorian style of your home. For those looking to add a rustic touch to their country home, there are also options such as the log cabin tin roofing look.

These materials require less maintenance than traditional options. These options will please homeowners with their durability, attractiveness, and lifetime warranties.
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