Changing Your Eye Color Permanently is Possible

Posted October 13, 2020 by Brightocular

If you want to change your eye temporarily, you can use contact lenses. It is available in different shades.
If you want to change your eye temporarily, you can use contact lenses. It is available in different shades. Most of the people these days are looking for changing the color of their eyes. The most common and easiest way to change eye color temporarily is to wear contact lenses; you can change your eye color in a minute. Colored contact lenses are currently probably the safest and most common method used to change eye color. But, many people want to change eye color permanently in their eyes. There are a couple of different techniques for change eye color permanently, ranging from an implant to a pioneering laser technique. The most common method of changing iris color permanently comes in the form of silicone implants. Cosmetic eye color change surgery is a procedure used to insert a prosthetic iris into the eye under local anesthetic. Iris implant surgery or Cosmetic eye color change surgery is always a controversial practice that has yet to be fully inspected by medical researchers or surgeons.

The risks involved with cosmetic eye color change surgery are innumerable and, in many cases, can be very serious. Iris implants are marketed as a safe way to change eye color permanently, but studies of people show iris implants can seriously damage eyes and vision. In some case patient have total loss of vision, but some patients also suffer from the following conditions:

• Inflammation and swelling

• Redness

• Blindness either partial or total

• Glaucoma

• Early onset cataracts

• Blocked eye drain

• Severe infections

• The need for a corneal transplant

• Corneal edema

• Light sensitivity

• Blurry vision

• Pupils unable to dilate

Colors of eyes are determined by the iris (The amount of pigmentation within the iris determines its color), a colored ring of muscle fibers behind the cornea and in front of the lens. Eye color is determined by your genes. Blue, brown, green is the most eye colors of peoples around the world, and there are a number of shades and hues within that, including hazel and grey. The majority of eye surgeons strongly caution against the procedure of iris implant surgery. Iris implants surgeries provide the opportunity for patients to change eye color permanently of their eyes. This surgery has purely for cosmetic purposes. It does not fix if patients have any vision defects, so patients will still need to wear refractive instruments to correct their vision if they have.


Contact lenses are one of the most effective and easiest methods of getting eyes of your favorite color. There are a number of people who follow this process to have color of eyes that may suit their personality in a better way.

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