How TrustLogics Simplifies Search Process For Jobseekers

Posted June 20, 2018 by blazmay

Emma, an IT professional working at a well-reputed tech company, is bored with the monotony of her job. She makes up her mind to look for a change in scenery and initiates a job search.
Emma, an IT professional working at a well-reputed tech company, is bored with the monotony of her job. She makes up her mind to look for a change in scenery and initiates a job search.

Emma prepares a list of companies which would serve as a solid next step in her career. She updates her resume on a host of job platforms through a lengthy process, buzzes her social contacts, and then proceeds to send her profile, containing some of her private information, to all the firms on her list.

Unexpected Problems

Much to her annoyance, Emma suddenly starts receiving calls for credit card requests and life insurance policies.

How did they manage to get her number without her signing up for anything?

Emma is not the only IT professional looking for a new job, thousands of her peers are competing for a select few jobs at top companies. But, unlike Emma, they are willing to insert fake qualifications and achievements in their resumes.

The demand for jobs exceeds the number of open positions, and Emma is competing against peers who are willing to ‘create’ any kind of resume and qualifications to secure a job.

Emma’s search for a new job is turning out to be complex and unusually lengthy.

Emma’s Woes

At this point, Emma is simply feeling frustrated. She began her search for a new job with a lot of hope and positivity, but instead got bogged down by a bunch of unnecessary procedures and inefficiencies presented by the current hiring process.

• Why can’t HR departments see that Emma is exactly who she claims to be on her resume, a genuinely qualified candidate?

• Why can’t companies just eliminate all the dishonest jobseekers from consideration?

• How did her contact and personal details get into the hands of annoying promotional marketers without her express consent?

• Why does she have to keep updating her professional details on an ever-increasing list of job platforms?

• And why is her search for new employment taking so long?

Emma’s Salvation

One of Emma’s friends recommends her to create a profile on TrustLogics, a blockchain-based ecosystem for trusted and secured professional data.

She is immediately struck by a whole host of features which are squarely aimed at streamlining the very recruitment inefficiencies she is suffering from.

• Her professional data is being stored on blockchain to ensure security and anonymity.

• She can now share her data only with intended parties thanks to end-to-end encryption.

• To her immense relief, Emma can now enlist the services of authorized Validators to conduct an extensive background check. Once the check is complete, her profile attains ‘Verified’ status once and for all.

• Through an API, TrustLogics not only allows her to share her data across networks, but she can also simultaneously update her information on all connected platforms with just one click.

• By setting specific permissions, Emma also enjoys complete control on how much of her information can be accessed by recruiters or companies.

• Finally, she can update her desire to look for a new job (or not) with a single click on the ‘Availability Status’ bar — this will let recruiters easily know when to bother her.

The Dawn of Speedy, Competent Recruitment

Emma breathes a huge sigh of relief.

She is now able to look for a new job with renewed confidence and less stress. Her professional information is securely stored on blockchain, she can attest her professional accomplishments permanently, and companies can easily view her verified profile and contemplate hiring her over dishonest candidates.

Emma’s career opportunities are suddenly looking a lot better in a world with TrustLogics in it.
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