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Posted February 25, 2021 by beverlymedspa

Beverly Hills Med Spa, one of the leading clinics for and skincare treatments, has expanded and advanced the types of treatments it offers.
Beverly Hills Med Spa is currently offering seven advanced and high-quality beauty treatments. Everyone yarns to remain beautiful no matter how old they are. Unfortunately, our bodies tend to give in with age. The skin starts to become rough and saggy, not to mention the chimes on the face. Beverly Hills Med Spa is among the best-med spas in Los Angeles, offering various beauty treatments. Some of these treatments include: Hair transplant procedures, Botox, facial injections, SmartPRP, coolsculpting, waxing, eyebrow and facial hair restoration, hydrafacial, and many more. Let’s break down some of these treatments:

Hair Transplant Procedures
Hair loss is a common problem that affects persons of the age of 25 to 70 years. And when it does, it makes one look unattractive, leading to low self-confidence. Among the advanced beauty treatments offered at Beverly Hills Med Spa are hair transplant procedures. Hair restoration using the hair transplant treatment involves harvesting hair from healthy parts of the scalp that produces thick hair and transplant them on areas that suffer from hair thinning. Unlike other hair restoration methods, hair transplant procedure offers a permanent way of treating hair loss with minimal side effects.

Botox Treatment
When it comes to treating wrinkles and other severe lines around the eyebrow, eye, and forehead, Beverly Hills Med Spa offers Botox treatment. This type of beauty treatment is FDA approved to treat severe wrinkles around the eye, forehead, and eyebrow area. Botox can also be used to balance skin texture and rejuvenate the skin. When administered by a professional surgeon, it removes wrinkles since it’s a minimally invasive treatment.

Body fats can be problematic to some people, and no matter how hard you exercise, they won’t barge. CoolSculpting is an advanced medical treatment that removes the extra fats on your body, and it is then released into the digestive system as waste. This method is quite useful, and it’s also a less invasive technique with no side effects. The extra body fats are killed, and then they are removed out of the body as waste.

Beverly Hills Med Spa’s Dr. John Kahen is the brains behind the patent-pending Smart PRP® technology. This type of beauty treatment is meant to rejuvenate the face, making it look young and beautiful. The SmartPRP® solution is injected into the patient’s face to rejuvenate the skin. PRP is also injected in areas where there are scars, large pore size, pigmentation, or texture issues to speed up healing.

Spider Vein Removal
The treatment used to treat the effects of spider veins is called Sclerotherapy. This treatment is meant to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins quickly. It is an effective procedure with long-lasting results. Sclerotherapy treatment involves injecting a solution directly into the vein. The solution works by irritating the linings of the blood vessel. This causes it to collapse and stick together, forming a clot. After some time, the plate includes scar tissue and fades away. The treatment is quite effective in removing spider veins.

Acne Treatments
Acne is a condition where the skin becomes inflamed, causing it to become rough. In beauty and aesthetics, doctors from Beverly Hills Med Spa eject the skin's affected area with an anti-inflammatory product called Cortisone(Kenalog). This product instantly reduces pimple cysts, ingrown hairs, or keloid scars. The treated area will reduce in size once the solution is injected into the skin. This reduction will go on until it disappears.

Eyebrow and Facial Hair Restoration
This treatment is carried out by extracting healthy hair from the scalp and transplanting it to the thinning brows. The technique used here is called Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE in short. It is a scalpel-free procedure that doesn’t leave any linear scars.

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