Hearts Of War Minigame

Posted July 7, 2021 by Bestmengqin

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Other participant's suggestions: We can dye our hair or run it -- Nurdremes. Dying he plumes on complete helmet -- Sue D Nim. Using dyes to color curtains and rugs different colours in our POHS. What about wolf furs abnd bear fur ect not the hunter furs? Perhaps we can create kites and dye them or even put robe cuts on. Even make more color dyes, that would be fun! Other items which should be dyeable: Clockwork cats, Chef hats. Dying leather boots and boots, making mage robes and perishing them, see page 6 for more details. Bleaching things, dying clothes, by way of instance, dwarf clothing, pannel comming up like paint to dye things.

Requiring dyes to paint heraldic items. Dying wizard hats! See page , article 2 for details. Dying covers two colors instead of a single. Dying weapon hilt. This ribbon is on the RSOF and that's where the fans come from, and the suggestions. If you encourage this thread you give me the right to put your name on here and on the RSOF for this particular subject. I am not adding anymore participant tips unless they're evry great.

please read the whole thing, this took a while to make and I need people to take the attempt to just read a page of text in order that they completely understand the minigame before they denounce it. If no one kills the heart rock from either team after 15 minute then the game ends and the team with the most health left inside their rock wins.

Picking Teams: This sport requires two teams. Each one is composed of 5 people: Two attackers, two defenders, and one healer. Instead of individuals picking teams like castle wars, teams have been created just like they are in pickup sports games: captains select the groups. After 10 people have come into the waiting room the 2 players with the highest combat levels will be selected as captains.

The lower level of the two players gets to select is participant first. He will face a display with 8 people, each one will have his stats that are important to the match exhibited over him, (assault, power, defense, hitpoints, array, magic, hunter, agility, thieving, structure ). Each captain has 30 seconds to choose. In case he fails to select a person the maximum level individual will be automatically chosen. Choice resembles this until teams are complete. Now the captains have two minutes to select roles for all of the players. They are made to make two two defenders, and yet another healer. Should they fail to choose the entire team, roles will be chosen by the sport.

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