Advice when using galvanized dog kennel sections

Posted August 19, 2014 by benanderson

The comfort of your dog should be a priority. Of course, a priority should be also its safety and security.
The comfort of your dog should be a priority. Of course, a priority should be also its safety and security. That is exactly why a dog kennel or galvanised dog kennel sections should be on your list of mandatory purchases. A proper installation, periodic cleaning and maintenance and attention during assembly will help you make the best from the system: the best for your dog and the best for you! Trust only an authorized manufacturer and you should be just fine! Call today for a free price quote!

High quality galvanised dog kennel sections should be properly cleaned and maintained. A proper hygiene is, first of all, mandatory for the wellbeing of your pet and, secondly, for prolonging the use of the dog kennel for a longer period of time. Cleaning and maintaining differ from one type of kennel to another.

In terms of installation, you should remember that all galvanised dog kennel sections must be installed on a flat surface, an even surface without any kind of bumps or cracks. Paving stones and concrete are two of the most popular materials used for the flooring of a dog kennel. Optional, you can choose to install a drainage system as well. Such a system comes in very handy especially when there is no added protection against rains and winds.

Talking about rains, when you choose a model of dog kennel it is recommended to choose one model with the bed positioned a little bit higher than the level of the flooring. Standard galvanised dog kennel sections don’t necessarily come with a proper levelling for the bed but they can be easily modified upon request.

A cold floor or draught can seriously affect the health of your dog. Not to mention that if you decide to raise a little bit the sleeping area you can clean much better the entire kennel. As for the materials used, you should choose for a smooth surface, easy to wipe and to clean. For instance, wood is not recommended being the perfect environment for bacteria and germs.

For guarantying the most comfortable conditions, you should choose a secure type of roofing and pay attention to the distance between the bars of the galvanised dog kennel sections. As you can see, there are many aspects to consider when buying but especially when using a dog kennel. The same applies to more complex kennel systems.

For the best use, for many years of use, it is highly recommended to work with an experienced manufacturer. Having worked for many years in this area, they know exactly what to avoid and what is best for your particular situation. Not to mention that they offer guarantee for all the works performed.

So, why not give them a call for a price quote and further details?! Don’t compromise the comfort of your pet: purchase from the most serious retailers!

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