New Infodemics May Likely Lead to A Leap at COVID-19 Cases in Ghana at the Immediate Future

Posted September 17, 2020 by batterystore7

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The attitudes of many Ghanaians supporting the monitoring of their health diagnostic protocols to its COVID-19 pandemic was originally not encouraging from the first days of March 2020 when the nation listed her first two instances. This was credited to this infodemic which went viral the black receptor was resistant to the coronavirus. From that moment, many Ghanaian citizens numbering into thousands have tested positive to the coronavirus, in spite of the prior incorrect assertion that the virus had been immune to the black skin. Currently, Ghana's case count for coronavirus is 22, 822 with 129 deaths. This ever-rising amount in documented COVID-19 cases must have made the normal Ghanaian quite careful in thoroughly after the security protocols. To the contrary, some Ghanaian taxpayers, together with most in the illiterate course as a random poll conducted by the author suggested.

Two favorite views were expressed from the poll. The first and foremost opinion was that the figures for the documented COVID-19 instances offered in the daily COVID-19 upgrade by the Ghana government's instrument, the Ghana Health Service, was faulty and deceptive, targeted at attracting international financing. Therefore, the figures mentioned in the nation to get coronavirus, to such Ghanaians, are ineffective and politically motivated to aid the nation to get global financial help. Political electoral opposers have fingered the judgment authorities as with the supposed funds considered to have been obtained because of their political campaigns in the general election scheduled for December 7, 2020.

The next popular opinion shared by most Ghanaians from the illiterate group of the populace is they are unsure of the occurrence of this coronavirus. Though some Ghanaian politicians and famous members at the Ghanaian society have expired from the COVID-19, a number still doubt the actual reason behind their deaths. Some Ghanaians even assert that they'd believe in the presence of this coronavirus just after a part of the household contracts it dies as a consequence of it. Others argue that even when the coronavirus is present, authorities and other company institutions have exaggerated its health consequences.

According to both of these popular perspectives, observing the security protocols for your COVID-19 isn't a priority or something to be given serious attention. The wearing of face masks isn't seen by such persons. Even if they've face masks, then they refuse to put on them. Few do this once they detect that the presence of police officers. Some others when questioned about why they're not in face masks, provide flimsy explanations. They assert the prolonged wearing of this face mask makes breathing hard, while others say that it creates talking audibly a struggle. Regrettably, these approaches of those Ghanaians, if not addressed or corrected, would potentially result in some high jump in the COVID-19 reported instances in the long run in Ghana. To remedy the circumstance, the government of Ghana should deploy more security staff to different communities and towns in the nation to enforce the execution of the Ghana government's directive of wearing face masks at all times and all places.

The government of Ghana throughout the Ghana Health Service must make sure that continuing public health instruction on the occurrence of this coronavirus and the importance of celebrating all of the security protocols to avoid the disease and spread of this coronavirus is completed to dispel the rising infodemics regarding the COVID-19 from the nation. Additionally, the Ghana Health Service must tactfully utilize the data centres in the many tiny cities and communities as communicating sockets in disseminating public health instruction on the coronavirus within their various regional dialects. This could match the good attempts by the Ghana government in utilizing radio and television channels in addition to the printing media in executing public health instruction on the coronavirus. These recommendations would assist in preventing the probable hype in the amount of COVID-19 instances in Ghana, projected at the future as a consequence of the development of the fast spreading and fresh infodemics.For more detail visit
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