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Posted April 7, 2023 by Avelaup

Genomatica Of California Offers Information And Advice About Avela™ To The Growing Market
Ketosis is that physical state that most people would love to achieve when they go about their daily tasks, whether they are at the office, exercising, or relaxing at home. It is a state that is reached when the body burns fat for energy and not sugar.

Avela™ is a recently introduced ketone that supports this process fast and effectively in a natural way when consumed as part of a food or beverage such as a gel or food bar, for example. The company that developed this product, Genomatica, emphasizes that their scientists have done this over some time to ensure it is not only effective but also safe in terms of which GRAS affirmation is required, for example.

Therefore it is an ideal ingredient for those manufacturers that want to reach as many as possible customers that could benefit from – or are interested in – the benefits of using products containing this ketone. It can be taken for great results in terms of releasing energy in the body without having to take special dietary considerations into account: it raises BHB levels naturally and fast to aid the body’s energy consumption levels – by using body fat and not sugar.

BHB is made in the liver from fatty acids and serves as a carrier of those energy sources the body needs to perform at its best when glucose is in short supply to fulfill this function. This applies to various times that the body needs energy, whether during increased physical activity such as exercise or even when you limit your normal food intake. It is used to help release energy fast and effectively.

When asked to elaborate about their product, Nutrition Product Development Manager Terry Kitagawa said of Avela™, “We are very excited about all prospects that support our efforts to bring our customers and clients only leading products free of sugar to support ketosis, that state in the body when the body burns fat and not glucose for energy to perform all important tasks.

“Our Avela is a perfect example of an exogenous ketone that offers great benefits at various levels to customers that use products containing it. Our websites offer great advice about the use of this ketone, and for even more information, please contact us with any request for assistance.”

Exogenous ketones are acquired from external sources, such as the Avela™ (R)-1,3-Butanediol companies can acquire from Geno. They invite all manufacturers of food and beverage products to get in touch with them via their websites, https://www.avelaup.com/ and https://www.genomatica.com/.

About Us

Avela™ is a ground-breaking, revolutionary ketone developed by industry leader Geno. It is a sugar-free ketogenic ingredient that supports ketosis in the human body for use by adults. It naturally raises BHB levels during ketosis and can be used in various products that can be taken by consumers. Geno invites formulators and manufacturers of food and beverage products to liaise with them to acquire this highly sought-after ingredient for inclusion in their products. Geno is a sustainability leader located in the U.S. where they produce Avela™ according to their patented fermentation processes. For more information, visit https://www.avelaup.com/ and https://www.genomatica.com/.
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