Top Three Tips on How to Properly Manage your Time during Thesis Writing

Posted July 29, 2020 by Assignmenthelper4

Time management is hard to get a hang of regardless the task. Here are a few tips to help students along.
Writing a thesis is a difficult task by itself. Students have to do research, review literature, conduct sample surveys and write all this down in the most efficient way to get them a passing grade. Not only is this a lot of work, but it comes with a few additional challenges of itself. The most important – and challenging – of these is time management.
Like most things of practical use, the school system does not teach the student proper time management skills. They have to scramble to learn it themselves. If they are writing a thesis, it can be assumed that most students know how to manage their time. Everything can be done better, though, and these three tips will start you on your way to managing your time better.
Write every day
The most popular method of writing a thesis among doctoral student is to do it all in one go. After all the research, review, reading, sampling and interviewing, they have to condense it all down in one session. This is not only difficult but also problematic. If the student doesn't keep proper notes, it is very easy to get muddled. This is why it is essential to write a little bit every day. If you write down the day's findings on the day, you'll be able to keep a proper tab on your progress.
More so, it helps you avoid unpredictability. What if an accident occurs on one of the few days you’ve stipulated for writing? You’ll lose precious time and progress. Save yourself the worry and write a bit every day.
Engage an accountability partner
Most graduate programs have deadlines that are usually months away. This makes it easy to get complacent. Here is where an accountability partner can make a huge difference.
An accountability partner can be anyone – another student in your class or your thesis supervisor themselves. They are simply someone you meet with to discuss the progress you’ve made. Your accountability partner will keep you motivated and support you through the task of crafting your thesis. For most, this proves an invaluable asset.
Maintain a To-Do List
A thesis is a very demanding task with a lot of objectives. You will inevitably worry about finishing one while working on another. These thoughts are a needless cause of anxiety and tension and can distract you from the task at hand. Keeping a To-Do list handy can help assuage these worries. Jot down all the tasks you need to accomplish in a notebook page or on your phone. Crossing these out as you complete them will give you a boost of much-needed confidence and push you firmly towards the finish line.
While managing time remains the most challenging aspect of completing your thesis, implementing these tips will give you a substantial advantage. It'll free up more of your time while ensuring a sharp reduction in stress. So get cracking, and good luck!

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