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Anjum Khanna – Eating what’s in season is a simple method to beat sickness.Nature gives variety in the food it produces through seasons – and that is preferred grasped over fighting.
Eating with the patterns of nature isn’t simply better for wellbeing, yet in addition advances offset with the world’s assets and its living things. At the point when we pick occasional food sources, regardless of whether we haven’t developed them ourselves, we reconnect with nature’s common rhythms. As per researchers, specialists and normal wellbeing specialists, eating occasionally is significant additionally in light of the fact that there is a lot of proof in exploration that supplement content changes in food sources relying upon which seasons they were created in.

Early Winter and Late Winter Season – Seasonal Food
Grains: New Rice, Wheat, Sorghum/ Jowar

Pulses: Black – eyed Pea/ Chawali, Mung bean, Vigna Mungo/ Urad Dal

Vegetables: Okra/ Lady Finger, Ivy Gourd/Tendli, Palak, Tomato, Calabash/ Dudhi, Flower

Fruits: Banana, Orange, Apple, Sapodilla/ Chiku, Pineapple, Sugar Apple/ Sitafal, Grapes, black currant Raisins, Walnut/ Akhrot

Tuber Roots: Elephant Foot Yam, Carrot, Ginger, Beetroot, Sago/ Sabudana

Milk Products: Milk, Clarified – Butter/ Ghee, Paneer, Cheese, Buttermilk, Piyush, Khoa/ Khawa/ Khoya

Meat Products: Fish, Chicken, Prawns, Mutton, Meat

Water: Warm Water and Drink plenty water

Spring Season -Seasonal Food
Grains: Aged Rice, Jowar/ Sorghum, Wheat, Barley/ Jav

Pulses: Lentil/ Masoor dal, Pigeon Pea/ Arhar Dal, Chickpea/ Chana Dal, Horse Gram/ Kulith, Mung Dal, Green Pea/ Matar/ Vatana

Vegetables: Palak, Drumstick, Fenugreek Plant/ Methi, Amaranth leaves/ Laal Maath, Green Chawli/ Shenga, Snake Gourd/ Padwal, Bitter Melon

Fruits: Papaya, Wax Gourd, Calabash/ Dudhi

Tuber Roots: Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Carrot, Daikon/ Mula

Milk Products: Buttermilk, Butter, Buttermilk Curry/ Kadhi

Meat Products: Fish, Meat, Chicken, Prawns, Crabs, Kabab, Lobster, Mutton

Water: Plenty of water

Summer Season – Seasonal Food
Grains: New Rice, Red Rice, Winter Rice/ Sali

Pulses: Pigeon Dal, Lentil/ Masoor dal, Mung Dal, Vigna Mungo/ Urad Dal

Vegetables: Lady Finger, Ivy Gourd, Palak, Flower, Padwal/ Snake Gourd, Calabash/ Dudhi

Fruits: Banana, Wax Gourd, Orange, Cucumber, Mango, Sitafal/ Sugar Apple, Sweet Lemon/ Mosambi, Grapes, Raisins

Tuber Roots: Elephant Foot Yam, Potato, Arbi Taro root/ Arvi, Dry Coconut, Beetroot, Singhara fruit/ Shingade, Sago/ Sabudana

Milk Products: Milk, Clarify Butter/ Ghee, Curd, Sugar, Cheese, Butter, Piyush, Malai

Meat Products: Fish, Chicken, Mutton

Water: Cold water, Rose water

Rainy Season – Seasonal Food
Grains: Aged rice, New Rice, Round Bread/ Bhakri, Sorghum/ Jowar, Wheat, Fulke

Pulses: Pigeon Pea/ Toor Dal, Horse Gram/Kulith, Vigna Mungo/ Urad Dal

Vegetables: Lady Finger, Padwal/ Snake Gourd, Calabash/ Dudhi, Pumpkin, Eggplant/ Baingan/ Vangi

Fruits: Mango, Raw Mango, Lemon, Grapes, Dry Coconut, Phalsa, Ash Gourd, Cuddapah almond/ Chironji

Tuber Roots: Elephant Foot Yam, Onion, Ginger, Garlic

Milk Products: Milk, Buttermilk, Curd, Clarify Butter/ Ghee

Meat Products: Chicken, Mutton

Water: Boil Water, Warm Water

Autumn Season – Seasonal Food
Grains: Rice, Sorghum/ Jowar, Red rice, bajra/ Pearl Millet

Pulses: Green peas, Chickpea/ chana, Mung Dal, Lima Beans/ pavte

Vegetables: lady Finger, Padwal/ Snake Gourd, Cabbage, Calabash/ Dudhi, Chawali

Fruits: banana, Sapodilla/ Chiku, Raisins, Apple, Grapes, Sugarcane, Java plum, Pomegranate, Gooseberry/ amla

Tuber Roots: potato, elephant Foot Yam, Shinghara/ Shingade, Sago/ Sabudana, Beetroot

Milk Products: Milk, Clarify Butter/ Ghee, Butter, Icecream, Khoa/ Khoya

Meat Products: Chicken Mutton

Water: Plenty of water

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